Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 962 - I've Never Seen A Diamond In The Flesh

Shoes: 'Dreamy' Santa heels Irregular Choice 

Hello! What a horrid day today, my goodness, I've barely slept. I had to get up at half one this morning because I couldn't breath after a sneezing fit blocked my nose (which is now a full blown cold) and I'd not slept a wink by then! I was panicking because every time I shut my mouth, I was completely unable to breathe, it was horrible. It was quite gusty outside and raining at that point.  However at 5am, I was awakened by the torrential hail and gale force winds. As we're mid-way through our extension, I was aware of noises and things falling over and then by 7am, I saw the shadow of something billowing that shouldn't have been! We have no windows at that side of the house and there was no way I was going out in my jammies to be blown away!  I sent my Dad instead (and made him walk my tiny sister to work to protect her and hold her down)!  It turned out to be some insulation that's come undone and is now twisting it's way around the house and belting off the window every so often!  The snow this afternoon was scary as it was still so windy and was therefore blizzard like.  Anyway, it's quietened down, so hopefully that's it for dramatic weather just now. So here is my final outfit from the weekend, well Monday, travelling home.  Comfort and something that would again work with my Santa heels.  Are you bored of them yet?  I'm not.  Plus, I've never mentioned my new hair colour yet! Yes, I'm purple now : )

Wearing:  Black tile print dress, leggings and stag ring Primark, cardigan Red Herring at Debenhams, fox ring Evans, nude quilted bag Love Moschino.  
Fit: Small fitting, so I opted for the size up. 4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform.
Comfort: The lining of the shoes is a little scratchy after a long period, but no real issues with them.


  1. I really like those shoes! They are really nice in the velvet- it would be JUST typical if I had a pair like that, that I'd tread in something yucky!x

    1. ! I'm not too keen on the crushed velvet or the actual shoe if I'm totally honest, but love the heel.


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