Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 968 - You Can't Fight The Tears That Ain't Coming

Shoes: 'Dreamy' Santa heels Irregular Choice 

Wednesday I had a check-up at the dentist. They always love my shoes there, so I just knew I had to wear my Santa heels. That meant wearing them two days running, which I'd usually try and avoid, but I couldn't exactly wear Christmas shoes for my next appointment in 6 months could I? As it turns out, I have to go back and she (annoyingly) fitted me in right before Christmas (Monday), so I could've saved my Dreamy heels until then! I was mighty flustered this day because my hair wasn't sitting right and I didn't have much time to get ready. Then the waiting room was packed and we had to wait 20 minutes, so I was getting very irritated.  It was one of those days where everyone was annoying me!  Anyway moan over, it's very difficult to photograph the back of your own feet showing off these heels (if you didn't already guess).  I wanted a completely different angle from yesterday though.  

Wearing: Heart 'Betty' dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro, polka dot tights Evans, patent belt taken from another dress, hairband Limited Edition at Primark.
Fit: Quite small fitting, so I opted for the size up. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: The lining of the shoes is a little scratchy after a long period, but no real issues with them.


  1. SUCH a lovely dress!! I do love your Santa shoes, you should wear them as much as possible! X

    1. It's got big pockets too! Love a dress with pockets!


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