Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day Seventy Nine - The Missing Unicorn

I didn't wear these shoes yesterday as I was attending a funeral, but took this image in order to keep with our 'Irregular Choice' theme this week on The Shoe Girl Diaries. This unicorn print is without a doubt my favourite ever from IC. I would wear head-to-toe unicorns everyday if I could! The pink and turquoise colours are perfect too. They come with pink fabric tied through the front, which you wrap around your ankle and style whichever way you please. However I need to replace the fabric on one shoe as I bought them faded. I'm not sure if I want to buy a similar fabric or go for ribbons or something else. I really must fix them though as it's a shame to keep them tucked away. I'd also like to mention that although this style is a similar shape to the popular courtesan, it is indeed much roomier (good news for me).
Wearing Irregular Choice unicorn print shoes with fabric ties (and unicorn sole!)


  1. If you're ever considering selling these do let me know!!! :) xxx


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