Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day Seventy Eight - Bright, Blue and Blythe

I'm getting my hair coloured today, so am unlikely to leave the house. It's actually very uncomfortable sitting for over an hour while the colour is applied! Anyway, I decided (as no-one would see me) to wear a pair of IC shoes with red in them as I can't normally wear that shade with pink hair. I went all out and teamed with bright red tartan tights. These shoes are the same shape as my Prom Princess pair, with that odd wedge heel where half your foot is balancing in thin air. Superb craftmanship and design, I say! They also feature an adorable little heart shaped image of Blythe, cute!Blythe 'Emi' wedges by Irregular Choice with Matalan red printed tights.


  1. I love this combination of the tights and the shoes - they work so well together :)

  2. It's a shame the shoes are quite tight or else i would wear them more. Thanks for commenting!


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