Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Day Eighty Three - Old Style Leopard

It's a quick pic today as I'm very busy blogging for Pink Haired Princess and forgot how much time is required to keep both blogs up to date. I actually have lots of stories about these shoes. They are from Karen Millen and I bought them when I was a student. I treated myself to an entire outfit in their sale one year. It consisted of satin leopard print trousers with matching belt which was covered in jems and beads, a slightly cropped top with thin straps, boned and with the same bead trim around the top and of course, these shoes. It sounds horrendous, head to toe leopard print with purple beading, I know, but somehow I always managed to pull it off. My friend used to say I was the only person she knew that made leopard print look classy!

I got so much wear out of each piece. I had a brown leather pencil skirt I would wear with the top or a black top with the trousers. I can remember going out one night and it was snowing heavily and the taxi couldn't take us up to the nightclub door. We stopped in the adjacent street and I walked barefoot through the snow clutching my satin shoes to avoid ruining them!
I also broke the heel one Christmas on the way to church. It just snapped off completely. Utterly devastated, I started crying in the street and had to hobble home, change shoes and run back to church! The Edinburgh KM shop very kindly fixed it after the replacement pair they were going to give me were ruined by floods in (I think) their Manchester branch. Although looking at the heel now, it's easy to see how it would break, it's so thin! Even although I don't wear them these days, I have very fond memories of them.

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