Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Day 1136 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing mustard tights and blue flower shoes with fairy toadstool heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue Ember Starwand 

Ugh, I was so over these photos last week! I photographed them last Monday, didn't have time to edit them until the Tuesday, thought I had nothing more to do than crop, resize etc and it was going great until I ran into some issues when resizing. I don't know if there's a technical term for what was happening, there probably is, but my tights were coming out swirly. Like they had a knots of wood or a psychedelic swirl pattern to them. Sometimes, it was super, super strong and really distracting.  Cropping further only intensified the issue. The only way around it was to either edit it out (I'm not a whizz at these things) or not crop the image at all, just resize. That wasn't an option for me as the photos stopped being about the shoes and instead became about the legs and the room. Like I say, I'm not very good at photo editing and it got to the point I was ready to lash the laptop out the window y'know? My head quite literally hurt and it was just picture after picture with swirls and more swirls.  I considered leaving it like that and explaining to you what was going on, but honestly, I couldn't concentrate on the shoes for the busy tights, it was really distracting. So, I've left it a week in the hope I'm not quite as P'd off when looking at the photos now!  I was just angry I spent so much time on something that shouldn't have taken as long.  If the tights look a bit dodgy, it's my lack of prowess at editing (and tiredness trying to complete it at midnight) rather than the tights themselves. They are fleece lined, so really thick and completely opaque, so if anything I figured these would be less likely to perform the way they did, but I guess the weave has just been manipulated in the photos.  It's safe to say I'll never wear these for blog photos again!
So last time, I showed you the fairy toadstool boots, Angelica Pearson and this time, it's the shoes, Ember Starwand (pretty name btw). These aren't as in your face as the boots, but I liked their simplicity and could imagine incorporating these into my look more often than the showstopper boots. You'll see the toe curves upwards a lot and the toe box is pretty short or small looking. I feel like there just isn't a lot of toe to the shoe. Like the boots, they do come with a concealed platform and I must be getting accustomed to this heel already, because it didn't feel nearly as high as the first time I tried them on. The heel has a nice chunky shape, so is stable to walk on. My Mum asked if they were "rockers", you know like clogs, when you really have to adopt a rocking motion with your feet to walk? I can't say I noticed that, I think the upturned toe just gives that illusion. Size wise they aren't as generous as the boots. Still if you are between sizes, opt for the smaller one, but I couldn't see you sizing down completely, as I would've liked to have done with the boots. They are a little wide and big in the heel area, but the dumpy front means you do sometimes feel like your toes are just touching the tip of the shoe, so it's a bit of a contrast in size from the back to the front. They are heavy. I can't say I felt my ankles weeping at the weight of carrying these, but holding them in your hand, they are weighty.  I think they look really cute on, like they hug the curves of the foot.  They are really beautiful, what do you think?   

Wearing:  Mustard fleece lined tights, Primark (old). 
Fit:  4 3/4" heel and 3/4-1" concealed platform, slip on.  Generous in the heel, foot is thrust forward and so you can feel your toes touching the tip of the shoe.  Opt for the smaller size if between sizes, but I don't think you could size down completely. 
Comfort:  I'm already accustomed to this heel after a short wear, feels very stable, but is suitable for heel wearers.  Don't foresee any issues with these yet.   feet facing forward with yellow tights and blue shoes with large flowers on themleg lifted and one straight wearing blue flowery shoesleg tilted wearing blue shoe with flower detail and toadstool glitter heellifted leg wearing blue shoes with toadstool heelside view of blue shoes with flowers on toe and fairy toadstool heelcrossed legs with blue shoes and mustard tightsbent leg wearing mustard tights and blue metallic shoe with fairy toadstool heelback view of feet wearing fairy toadstool glitter heeled shoeswearing fairy toadstool heel shoesclose up detail of flowers on blue shoes worn with mustard tightsclose up of fairy toadstool heeled shoes being wornblue Irregular Choice fairy toadstool shoes lying on floor


  1. Wow ! I really love the colour combination of the mustard with that beautiful blue. I'm just starting to build on my Irregular Choice collection. What advice would you give to deal with the toe discomfort ? ��

    1. Toe taping works for a lot of people to alleviate aches (it's the 3rd & 4th toes-middle & one next to your smallest) when wearing heels. Personally it's only certain styles that press down on my toes (the old square toe courts), otherwise I don't have issues there.

  2. Ohhh, these are pretty, I love them paired with the tights! If you ever have any image problems, feel free to email me, happy to help <3


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