Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Day 1114 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing asos headlines mint fur mules
Shoes: ASOS Headlines 

Hello! Hope you're all well today. I have the bargain of the century shoes to show you. So, I'm on an unofficial no-buy. There's no proper rules, I'm just trying to watch the pennies as I've been over-spending a lot over summer. I really need to get back into eBaying regularly too, but ahhh, it takes so much work and there's too many scammers out there trying to get something for free that I really don't have time, patience or money for. I do notice a difference when it's not supplementing my income though.  Anyway I was feeling a bit dejected last week and in need of a little treat. I'd had my eye on these at full price, then when they were in the sale and hoped they would go even cheaper. They did indeed; down to £14.50 from £50 and I had a £10 loyalty voucher, so got them for £4.50. What can you get for under a fiver these days? Not much!
It turns out they are even more gorgeous than I anticipated and I'd have happily paid a higher price. They are a cross-over mule in the most gorgeous shade of mint, fake fur with holographic lining (looks awesome in the sun), duo-tone glitter heel (creates an actual disco in the light) and these fabulous little embellishments. You know what they remind me of? In Twister, when they make those thingies out of drinks cans to fly up into the tornado and collect data. They are exactly like that. I love that film, even if the 'tie each other to a pipe with a ridiculously flimsy bit of leather to survive' at the end is somewhat far-fetched.  Anyway I digress, the shoes have a definite 90s vibe, which given I totally remember this stuff that time round, would usually avoid. My teenage self would've died for these shoes though. I wish I could go back and give them to her, she'd be so excited and never would've believed she'd end up with the awesome shoe wardrobe she has now. Well, actually no, it was pretty inevitable, even back then. I did think the retro mule thing and chunky heel would put me off, but these shoes just make me so happy. The fur, glitter and colour are too awesome for me to care about anything else. Ridiculous things make me smile and these are the epitome of that.  I now want these ones too, they are a little less glitzy and annoyingly the heel is lower, but it looks like you dipped your feet in a bag of marshmallows and quite frankly, what isn't there to love about that? The view looking down on those must be epic!  Anyway, what do you think of these?  

Fit:  4" heel.  True to size.
Comfort:  They actually feel a little higher than they are, but I don't foresee any issues with these.   wearing asos headlines furry green shoeswearing asos headlines embellished glitter heelswearing asos headlines mint green embellished shoes close up of asos headlines glitter shoeswearing asos headlines glitter heel view


  1. What a bargain!!! I really think they are fun and pretty! They make me think of 50's kitsch housewives!! When you say scammers- what do they do? How does it happen?x

  2. I found it pretty new to see you with these kind of pair at first, like comfy kind of looking shoes...?compare to many other pairs you own.
    anyway,they look really lovely on you<3
    and I think they've got some mermaid / unicorn touch which extremely matches you : )


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