Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Disney Tropical Minnie 2

irregular choice tropical minnie sandals
Hello, how are you all this evening? Tonight I have the second in my trio of outfits for TSGSI this week. If you've forgotten how this works (I wouldn't blame you, it's been so long since it existed!), then I choose a pair of shoes and style 3 outfits around them. One is high street, one high end and one plus size for variety. I try to choose different styles or colours for each, so there's a bit of a mix. In my last post (high end), I picked a bright, colourful look and today it's high street.
The shoes are Irregular Choice Tropical Minnie £149 and really, they've been great to style because they already encompass many colours and prints (there's stripes, hearts and polka dots in there), so they've proven to be very versatile. Last time I really amped up that tropical feel, but this is much more subtle in pastels and I find the red accents on the sandals really stand out against the paler palette. These trousers aren't actually called culottes, but they are so wide, they should be. They are supposedly lilac, but look more blue to me. I teamed them with a pretty slogan T (reads "just add glitter") and some nerdy glasses, because I'm rather feeling old-fashioned frames right now. I finished the look with this little boxy handbag with lovely little jewels all over it. I'll have the final look for you tomorrow. How do you like this one?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Disney Tropical Minnie 2
Worn with: Pink slogan t-shirt, petite lilac wide legged cropped trousers, aviator glasses and gem handbag.

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