Monday, 28 August 2017

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Eros 1

Irregular Choice glitter winged Eros shoes
Hello, how are you all? I'm hoping to get two separate lots of TSGSI out this week, but it's only Monday, so we shall see! I really wanted to style these shoes for myself this week actually. I hesitated buying them, because they are white satin shoes and who needs that, other than to get married in? Even then, I can see myself choosing something entirely different. These winged shoes come in various forms; 3 styles with 7 colourways in total. I however, fell for the glitter wings. Yes, it's possible to buy non-sparkly wings, why? I have no idea. In my world, glitter trumps pretty much everything, so that narrowed down my options to two.
These (Eros) or Icarus, which were a glitter court. Eros have pearls and a fluffy trim and in my world those trump glitter (V complicated life I lead), so Eros it was. They arrived last week and are very white and very easily going to get dirty, but I'll do my best to keep them pristine! So, yes, it got me thinking, what would one wear with angelic, satin shoes other than a floor length white dress accessorised with wings? Actually they've been easy-peasy to style. I can see these looking great with a contrast like black fishnets or highly patterned tights (like the IC ones) would also look fabulous. So here's my first outfit, my high-end look and if you fancy any of these pieces, the sale is due to end very soon and the prices are pretty incredible, so step on it. I was wary of choosing anything too ethereal, so added some bold patterns and colour into this look.  I'd wear the blouse underneath the lilac pinafore dress and I finished with this cute little bunny bag. It also comes in mustard-I switched the two ALL day, I couldn't decide which I preferred! Come back soon to see my high street and plus size looks.  The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Eros 1
Worn with: Lilac spot jacquard pinafore, silk floral blouse and lilac leather bunny bag.  

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  1. That pinafore is really nice!! I would totally wear it!!!x


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