Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Day 1101 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice rosanna gault rosie cheeks
Shoes: Rosie Cheeks, Rosanna Gault for Irregular Choice

Last week I wore my new Rosie With Love boots and today I have Rosie Cheeks to show you. I reviewed them in more detail here, but I'll talk more about the fit today. Before they arrived I expected a similar fit to my original Rosy cuffed courts, but they are completely different. Rosy were quite snug on me, especially across the top at the widest part of my foot. If you look at the shoe, the bit where you insert your foot, basically looked like a hole cut out of the uppers, whereas the top edge of the new shoe is much more shapely this time. It appears to be lower cut at the front and definitely higher at the sides towards the back end of the shoe. Aesthetically it looks much prettier both on and off the foot, but it is causing some issues.
I've heard a few people say that the top edge is digging into their ankle bone and I'd felt the same thing when I'd tried mine on. Though oddly only one foot! The only thing I can suggest is some sort of gel pad underneath your heel, which works like an insole, just for the heel area, raising your heel and providing some extra height away from the side of the shoe. You can find them in Primark (think it's these heel cushions). I haven't had a chance to buy any myself yet, but I'm hoping it'll do the trick (as a sidenote, I'm very fussy about sticking things in my shoes, so I'm not looking forward to 'ruining' the pretty interiors). As for the front of the shoe, there's no tightness at all, they are actually very generous there and in length and also feel roomier than the boot version. If you're between sizes definitely opt for the smaller one . I'm actually curious to know if I could go down another size to a 4, though my foot wasn't slipping out (might be another story with tights on though). I also wonder if it would help the heel issue or maybe it would make it worse?

They are lovely shoes anyway and there's no way I could part with them, so I'm keeping them regardless! On the rare occasion I do get out these days, I'm not walking, so it's not something that's worrying me just now.  Now I'm a day late posting this, because I was too knackered to photograph both pairs last week, so took photos of RC yesterday morning.  I've been newly applying Ibuprofen gel and it's not pleasant on my skin!  I feel like a reptile (!) and it can dry white in patches and looks like flaking skin.  When I went to edit the photos yesterday, I realised this was all you could see.  It looked such a mess and because I had pyjama bottoms on, I couldn't fully edit it all out (easier on bare legs), so I had to delete them all and take more today.  Not what I needed!  I'm now trying to wash the old gel off before applying more each morning, but it's still leaving some flakes, it's not nice.  Then you go and have a shower and feel lovely applying your body lotion, then ruin that by having to apply the Ibuprofen gel later.  Anyway, the unglamourous life of a shoe blogger, there you go!  What do you think of these shoes on the foot? Have you tried any kind of heel raiser?

Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform.  Generous, not sure enough to go down a full size (as I haven't tried) but certainly if you're between sizes, opt for the smaller one.
Comfort: The wide heel is actually very steady, so if you can walk in platforms, you'll find no problems with these. See above for issues with the sides of the shoes at the ankle bone.   wearing irregular choice rosie cheeks front wearing irregular choice rosie cheeks back wearing irregular choice rosie cheeks heart heel shoeswearing irregular choice rosie cheeks pom pom shoeswearing irregular choice rosie cheeks


  1. I've had shoes that rub at the ankle bone or dig in and I absolutely hate them so I wouldn't be able to cope with that! Buuuuuut, these are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prettty!!!! I ADORE the heart cut out!

  2. I love these so much. Anything with pom poms gets my vote

  3. These are really cute shoes! Too bad about the ankle problem though, I'd hate that (I have really prominent ankle bones and often have this problem:/)

  4. The heart cut out on the heels of these is what wins it for me, although I love the pom pom as well. And sequins. Argh. They're just so pretty!


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