Monday, 27 February 2017

Day 1102 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice lost your muchness boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice Lost Your Muchness 

Hello! I have a full outfit for you today, from last month, when I got to wear these Alice boots out for the first time. It was an absolutely freezing day, more wintry feeling than we've had all winter! Mum had wanted to take me out to a charity soup lunch, that I used to go to with her when I was a bit more able-bodied. It's been a few years since I've managed it, but we took the wheelchair and planned it around me buying the Rosanna heels from Irregular Choice at 12! Terrible when your life revolves around shoe buying, but I didn't want to miss them!
I had no idea what to wear, which is pretty much standard these days. I don't know what still fits and everything needs ironed as it's sitting idle, so I grabbed this dress that I bought in the sale last year. It's actually too big now (typical), but I got away with it. I don't mind the front splits on the wiggle dresses, but I'm not a fan of the ones like this with batwing style sleeves.  It just makes me look really wide across the chest when I need definition there.  I was quite taken with this print though as the colours are unlike anything else in my wardrobe, so that's why I kept it.  I discovered I have no navy tights, so ignore the clashing purple, but they were top of the pile! As it was so cold, I decided on these Alice boots and my Collectif Pearl coat. I coveted this coat for soooo long and finally took the plunge a couple of years ago. I've only worn it once very briefly last January and a year on, it's big on me too (around the shoulders, chest and waist). I'm pretty gutted about this and indeed the fact 90% of my lovely wardrobe doesn't fit these days. Most of it is irreplaceable, being old season stock, but hey ho, that's the way it goes. Anyway I was boiling! This coat is a serious winter coat, heavy and so, so warm and it didn't help that the hall was packed and we were sitting in the vicinity of the radiator. My Mum's friend is still talking about these boots, a couple of weeks on and she only got a quick glance from across the room, so I don't think she even knows about the Alice heel and the lovely pictures down each side.  I'm still so pleased that I have a pair of proper boots with a character heel, I've wanted that for so long.  My hair has actually kept the colour pretty well (since before Christmas), but I had no energy to style it, so wore a scarf.  I'm wearing another NYX Lip Lingerie on my lips and I'm still not totally sure I like them.  This one is Baby Doll and last time it was indeed Corset.  I love the non-transfer thing (especially when eating out) and the colours are lovely, but I hate the drying feeling.  It can make your lips look quite cracked and wrinkled unless you're smiling as I am here to smooth it out.  I'm not totally fond of this outfit overall but considering I was in a rush, it'll do.  What do you think?  

Wearing: ASOS front split floral wiggle dress (similar here), Primark tights (old), scarf (gift), Collectif Pearl coat and Love Moschino Charming Cafe scene handbag.
Fit: 4" heel, full length inside zip. True-ish to size, depending on how tight fitting you prefer them. Snug fit in the foot and lower leg in my usual size, more comfortable in the bigger size.
Comfort: No issues with these. Comfortable lining and manageable heel. wearing asos floral wiggle dress irregular choice lost your muchness bootsfotd nyx lip lingerie baby doll wearing irregular choice lost your muchness alice bootsirregular choice lost your muchness bootswearing irregular choice lost your muchness boots collectif pearl coatwearing alice in woonderland irregular choice lost your muchness boots disney alice character heel detailirregular choice lost your muchness alice character heels love moschino charming cafe scene handbag and irregular choice lost your muchness boots



  2. Oh my goodness I love your style. You're the first person who introduced me to Wiggle Dresses and I love mine! I would happily raid your wardrobe and have you come and be my personal stylist!! xx

  3. So lovely to actually see your face in the photos! The boots are so fun!!!


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