Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Day 1100 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice rosie with love rosanna gault ankle boot
Shoes: Red Rosie With Love, Rosanna Gault for Irregular Choice 

Busy day today, so I'm just going to jump straight into it. Apologies first-off for the clashing pyjamas, but I've really overdone it the past couple of days trying to get all these photos taken, so I was unable to get back upstairs and get dressed.  The light was also fading (later delivery than I hoped), but I really wanted to get these photos up today.
Ok, so these shoes arrived yesterday after the launch on Friday of a re-collaboration with Rosanna Gault. I really struggled to narrow down the styles I wanted, because they were all beautiful and to be honest I'm still hankering after more, so I'm hoping they are still there when I have the funds! I have always regretted never getting the original Rosanna floral ankle boots from the London College Of Fashion collaboration back in 2010. I desperately wanted them, but bought the So Yeon Sarah pair along with the Rosy cuffed shoes, so that cleared me out and because they were so limited, they aren't the type of thing to come up again. I've been outbid several times on ebay (the same pair were relisted so many times because of non-payers) and I'd really given up hope, until this collection was announced. I'll admit, my heart still longs for the original floral pair, but I definitely wanted to try one of the two colourways of Rosie With Love this time round. I got the red, as you can see, which feature red patent and white/red polka dot uppers. There's a large heart printed satin bow and striped frill. A lot of pattern clashing in red and white! Like the original styles, they have a large floating platform and of course the iconic cut out heart heel. Inside this one are tiny little red hearts, which is really pretty. Size wise, I went for my usual 5/38 and they are a bit of a struggle to get on (actually more so getting off), but completely true to size once on. I was worried they would be too tight across the front of my foot (midway up the boot), but no, they are fine. I'd just stick with your usual size.  I love the little scalloped details and to be honest would've liked another row of white lace around the very top of the boot.  I've been super productive today taking 'proper' photos of these for my review on Pink Haired Princess, so look out for that (hopefully later in the week).  What do you think, do you like these?  

Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform. Inside zip fastening. True to size.
Comfort: The wide heel is actually very steady, so if you can walk in platforms, you'll find no problems with these. wearing irregular choice rosie with love ankle boot frontwearing irregular choice red rosie with love ankle bootwearing irregular choice rosie with love ankle bootswearing irregular choice rosie with love ankle boot backwearing irregular choice rosie with love heart heelswearing irregular choice rosie with love detailirregular choice rosie with love ankle boot


  1. They are amazingly beautiful! They remind me of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland when he has his Card outfit on!!!

  2. Looove these shoes, I have seen them some time ago and loved them, but then didn't buy... if regrets could kill, I would be dead now :) I am glad that you got them, they are really fantastic! Hope you have a very lovely day!

    1. Thank you Denise, oh I know, I still love the originals best and long for those, but these will do!

  3. They're so pretty - glad you got a pair :)

  4. I love these boots!!! Like everything about them - the print, the heel, the bow, ... <3


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