Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Day 1098 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing christmas tinsel shoes
Shoes: Customised tinsel court shoes 

Hello, today I have my new year outfit that I intended to show you a couple of weeks ago, but the flu put paid to that!  Our Christmas had been pretty quiet; my sister and her family alternate their Christmas (with the in-laws) and they weren't at us this year.  Mum wasn't feeling well, my other sister had a cold and so we just had a day in our jammies, which was rather nice.  Boxing Day was a lot busier, but I'll show you that outfit next week.  After loving getting dressed up then, I decided I'd do it on New Year's Day as well, even although it was just the four of us having our meal.  Then on the actual day I was pretty tired so wasn't going to bother, but I pushed myself to do it, as I had nothing better to do quite frankly (!) and I'd really wanted to wear these shoes I'd made.  You can read my tutorial post here if you missed it, but I didn't have an outfit planned to wear with them at all.
I tried on a few dresses and settled on this one.  It's yet another ASOS wiggle dress (my staple) that I haven't had the opportunity to wear yet.  It's quite a summery print, but worked well with the shoes and the rest.  It comes in the Curve range too and I wasn't sure which size to order, but started with an 18 from the regular line, which was far too baggy in the skirt.  I ordered the 16 and although it's snug in the bust, you can see the skirt is still very roomy on me.  Unfortunately my boobs wouldn't fit in a 14 (I suspect), so I'll have to make do.  This 2-size difference between top and bottom isn't ideal when you're an avid dress wearer!  It's got the usual high neckline and pockets, but a lower V back on this one.  I popped this cardi on top that I wore last Christmas.  It's so pretty with the satin deer detail on the back.

My newly dyed hair (Nirvel Grey) is a beautiful dark, steely, grey and yeah, I'm still getting accustomed to all that length!  It's all my own (!) and taken 3 years to grow with regular trims, which wasn't any hardship to be honest.  I actually cut it a few weeks before these photos were taken, because when it was straight and hanging down the back, it touched the top of my bottom!  I have never had hair that length in my life, it's very strange for me.  I cut a fringe back in and had been desperate to dye it as it had been a year since I last did it.  Some of the photos aren't that great because it was dark by the time I got ready and the quality of my selfie camera isn't as great as the other one (I'm finding I'm just using my phone for photos these days instead of my proper camera).  It's amazing the difference that's made when you have your hair all nicely done.  I wish someone would come and make it pretty for me every day, without me having to move or do anything (I'm really struggling with brushing it these days, because it's so long and my arms aren't up to the job).  I just brushed out the pin curls and popped a couple of grips in to give a bit of volume to the front section.  I feel if you crossed a mermaid with Dotty Dog, this would be the result!  I felt all swishy and amazing with it anyway! Makeup wise I wanted a strong brown lip.  I used one of the NYX Lip Lingerie (matte liquid lipsticks), might've been Corset, but I have a few and would need to check.  I wasn't keen on the drying feel to be honest.  As it's been so long since I've worn makeup, I'm finding I feel really overdone quite quickly, so am playing up lips or eyes and not both (though I did wear some eyeshadow here).  I think that's about everything, what do you think?  Hopefully next week with no illnesses, I'll have that Boxing Day outfit, which I really adored.        

Wearing:  ASOS floral wiggle dress, Hell Bunny blue Noelle cardigan (old), unicorn brooch gift, nude heart tights Primark (old).  
Fit:  4 1/2" heel.  True to size.  
Comfort: Comfortable enough if you are accustomed to stiletto heels and pointed toes.   new years sotd tinsel shoesdiy tinsel shoes close up wearing asos floral wiggle dress, hell bunny noelle cardigan, tinsel shoesootd asos floral wiggle dress, hell bunny noelle cardigan, tinsel shoes fotd nirvel grey hairnew years day fotdhell bunny blue noelle cardigan satin deer back detailbeautiful unicorn star broochasos floral wiggle dress print

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  1. Awww, you look lovely! So nice to see your FACE again! And your hair is looking really nice here! Ha, I am sooo bad at doing my hair- I always wish the hair fairies would do it!


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