Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Day 1099 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice santa's ninth shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Santa's Ninth 

I've been dying to show you this full outfit as it's definitely become one of my favourite's of all that I've ever worn on the blog.  It all started last year with the beautiful 'Alpine' print at Lindy Bop.  It was love at first sight, but given that it was pre-Christmas, money was tight and I couldn't buy it right away and it sold out.  I'd really wanted the Gilda design with button front and collar.  They did have the one that came with the jacket left in my size, so as I'd had my heart set on wearing this print last Christmas, I bought that.  It was beautiful in the flesh, but not a great fit on me.  The dress was too tight on the bust (to the point I couldn't breathe and half my boobs were hanging out), but a bigger size would've been too big at the waist and the jacket was actually a little large (and very boxy) on me and because they came as a set, you couldn't do anything about that.  The dress itself looked stunning (though indecent because of the fit) but see when you put the jacket with it, WOW! It was like super, super, amazing.  However because of the fit issues and fact I just don't suit jackets, I returned it.  I even bought the skirt (was desperate for something) in the same print later and it drowned me (so I returned that too), but Gilda never came back.  Until this year (well last year)!  I snapped it up right away to save for this (last!) Christmas.  When I'd wanted to wear it in 2015, I'd just bought the Rudolph furry shoes and thought they'd be perfect together, but I had to wait and see what 2016 would bring and along came Santa's Ninth.
I want to feel guilty for buying these (given I have Rudolph and Dreamy), but the fit is better on me than the others and I just love them so much, I can't regret it.  The lurex fabric is so much more sparkly in the flesh and I really like the longer, slender antlers this year and the fact they are stitched in place.  Plus a flashing nose on Rudolph! Who doesn't love that?  I wore these (out) on Christmas Eve then again here (in the house) on Boxing Day when my sister and co. came and I found the lights were surprisingly consistent.  They flash every time if I knock my feet together (not even that hard, just knock the sides together).  They don't flash with every step you take necessarily though, but as I was sitting (in the wheelchair and in the house) it meant I could flash when I pleased (the same can't be said for when you're standing and trying to capture blog photos).  My nephew secretly loves these, he said "you're wearing those stupid shoes again" (boy talk for he thinks they are cool) to which I pointed out they were new and slightly different to last year and flashed my lights.  I got a wee chuckle from him.  He loves me really but has to maintain the mean banter every visit!

So yeah I had this outfit planned well in advance, all I needed was the red version of the cardigan I had the Christmas before (the one I wore last week).  Then came an Amazon voucher from my Auntie and I bought it and crossed my fingers it would arrive before Christmas (luckily it did).  I don't often wear red, no idea why, because it's actually really quite pretty on me (mental note to pay attention to red stuff from now on) and I debuted my new hair (nobody noticed, though my nephews have come to expect a different colour every time I see them, but y'know it's been a YEAR and nobody bothered)!  I love the deer detail on the back of the cardigan...I can't recall which size I bought, but it was 2-3 sizes bigger than I'd usually go for as I find these really slim fitting (and have big boobs).  I really adored the whole look and felt so pretty, which was much needed after a rough few years.  I've seen some people wear this dress outside of Christmas, what's your view on this? I suppose it is just snowy mountains...it's just the colour that screams Christmas to me, but I think you could get away with it maybe?        

Wearing: Lindy Bop 'Alpine' Gilda dress, Hell Bunny red Noelle cardigan (old), red patent belt gift, gold star tights House Of Holland (old) and hair flowers ASOS (old).
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform. I found these true to size and actually if anything a little generous, but would recommend sticking with your usual size.
Comfort:  No issues with these.    wearing irregular choice santa's ninth shoes frontwearing irregular choice santa's ninth shoes lightswearing irregular choice santa's ninth shoes sidewearing irregular choice santa character heelwearing irregular choice santa's ninth heels wearing irregular choice santa's ninth shoes lindy bop alpinechristmas ootd lindy bop alpine gilda dress hell bunny noelle christmas fotd nirvel grey christmas fotd makeup grey hair fotd nirvel grey hair wearing hell bunny red noelle cardiganhell bunny noelle cardigan deer detail lindy bop alpine printirregular choice christmas santa's ninth shoes


  1. This is just soooo adorably pretty and fun! I love it!!!!! I desperately wanted the set last Christmas but it sold out (My husband DID try to buy it, but too late....) I almost bought it in the sale this year but then my size sold out. You DO look beautiful in it! Glad it made you feel that way!xxx

  2. I loved your shoes, and love to see them, but I really loved to see your pictures now! And the dress, well, I see what you meant, that it was too tight, but with the cardigan it looks perfect. Even without because, well, we have breasts, and we just don't show them because people always say that they are "too big". Well, for me I used to have a lot of back pain, so I went under breast reduction some years ago. But then I put on weight and they grew, and now I am in peace with them :) I loved your dress and cardi and looooved the shoes, Rudolph the red nose reindeer! You look simply amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I love these pictures Gemma, absolutely stunning, The dress and shoe combo is fantastic! xx

  4. I love these pictures Gemma, absolutely stunning, The dress and shoe combo is fantastic! xx

  5. OK so I love everything about this outfit - the shoes are perfect and festive and just LOVELY, the dress is amazing, the sweater is really rivaling the shoes as far as being my favorite and your hair is gorgeous.

  6. This is such a wonderful outfit. I think that Gilda might be one of my favourite Lindy Bop styles - it's so flattering. I have the mountain Alaska print and also a cat / poodle cocktail print, and I'm really liking them. These all look so fab together and I'm gutted that I never managed to get my hands on this cardigan.


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