Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day 1056 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Black 'Pin Yin' panda heels Irregular Choice 

I was raking around the shoe room today organising a list of shoes you haven't seen for future Shoesday Tuesday posts. I was quite surprised at how many there were to be honest! Wearing one a week, I have at least 7 months of posts. If I never bought another pair of shoes between then and now of course. That won't happen will it?! One style I no longer have, but checked, double checked and triple checked I hadn't shown here, was the black Pin Yin panda heels.
You've likely seen them on Pink Haired Princess, but I guess others took priority and these got missed at the time. If you recall I'd bought the yellow in the size up (39/6) and the black in my usual size (38/5). I ended up returning both and instead buying Tian Tian, but this black pair were really tight and small on me anyway. I managed to get one foot in, but in the other one my heel was sticking up and out of the back! So I'd definitely recommend sizing up on this style, if you find them anywhere now.  I said this at the time, but multi coloured beading I think would've looked fabulous on these, the black needed 'lifting' for me a little and I really loved that feature on the yellow pair.  Though it depends what you're looking for, they are probably one of the more wearable and versatile character heel styles and the lower heel is really easy to wear too.  What do you think, do you like these?

Fit: 3 1/2" heel. Small fitting, I'd recommend sizing up.
Comfort: Can't foresee any issues with these.

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