Monday, 25 January 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Blair Elfglow

Sorry, I ran out of time for your weekly dose of Irregular Choice last week. That means you get two this week to make up for it! Starting with a TSGSI post, featuring a brand new style for this season.
We were first introduced to Blair Elfglow £115.50 last winter, but they've been updated with lighter, brighter fabrics to work for Spring. If Poetic Licence Betsey's Buttons and Irregular Choice Abigail's Party had a baby, it would be these boots. The perfect hybrid of the two. This is the yellow, navy, turquoise version and I've teamed them with a Warehouse striped dress, which I stumbled upon today. I quite like the boldness of the print, not totally convinced I'd a) wear it or b) suit it, but I'm sure some of you would. I've put that with another one of these "one size fits all" (but not really "all") wrap coats, this time from BooHoo in a mocha colour (it comes in tonnes of other colours). I finished with this navy croc bag by Therapy at House Of Fraser. They always come up with cute, timeless shapes. I added the emoji keyring from Topshop. Apparently it's grinning, not pushing on the toilet like I first presumed! Say it's not just me? I always find emoticons really frustrating because I don't know what half of them are supposed to be and worry I choose something completely inappropriate but that I think looks like what I'm trying to convey! I spend far too long trying to guess if it's crying, sweating or laughing so much it has tears down it's face! ": )" those were the days! What do you think of this look, are you ready to shed your winter togs and step into Spring? Though it's been a bit of a strange winter huh? We had 14 today, unheard of!The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Blair Elfglow
Worn with: BooHoo 'Kate' shawl coat in Mocha £20, Warehouse striped belted dress £55, Therapy 'Fiona' navy patent handbag £35 and Topshop 'Grinning' fluffy keyring £6.50.  


  1. It's a good look!!!! That emoji does look like its pooing!!x

    1. I can't say I normally think that, but in this keyring I can't see 'grinning' at all!

  2. Haha, I never thought about it until now, but yes - straining.


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