Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Day 1008 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice floral Lucky Lady boots
Shoes: Floral 'Lucky Lady' Irregular Choice 

What a bother I had tracking down these boots, but they were entirely worth it as I think they're absolutely beautiful.
I fell in love with them the second I saw them, they just felt so "me" and included some of my favourite things in a shoe; floral, bows, shiny and definitely over-the-top! As well as the IC site, I found them somewhere else (slightly cheaper) and unsure what size to get, just left them, with the intention of buying them soon. I hadn't realised they would sell out so quickly from both outlets though and months went by without either restocking. As you'll recall, I bought the silver pair instead (though the floral were definitely my favourite) in my regular size and they came up quite small. By complete luck, I tried looking for them on eBay one day and there they were, the floral pair in a larger size, just one pair. I came over all competitive (which is very unlike me) and super determined that they would be mine (muahaha) and thankfully I won them for slightly below my maximum bid.  It worked out much cheaper than anywhere else I'd seen them and even than the silver ones (which I bought with a discount code), so I was elated. The 6/39 feel quite a bit bigger than the 5/38...had they been a shoe I think I'd have run into trouble as they are a little too long in the foot for me. Thankfully they are much easier to zip up and comfier in the leg than the silver which were very narrow.  The extra room in the foot means I could wear them with socks, though the leg fitting so well ensures they don't slip off my heel.  There's an inside zip, so the bows don't have to be untied and they have blue metallic lining (which isn't overly scratchy).  They are so, so shiny and I just love the big winter blooms and the croc effect finish.  Boots of my dreams, for sure!  Thankfully they are now back in stock (sizes 37-43) at Irregular Choice, if you fancy a pair.  Despite being the same style as the silver, I think I could've kept both, because they are very different (though for once I showed restraint and returned them).  What do you think, do you like these boots, prefer them to the silver?

Fit:  Just over 4" heel and inside zip.  Feel narrow and a little small in my regular size, the next size up is longer in the foot, but width is perfect.
Comfort:  I don't foresee any issues with these.
Irregular Choice floral Lucky Lady boots front Irregular Choice floral Lucky Lady boots side Irregular Choice floral Lucky Lady boots toe detail


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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