Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Emporio Armani Silver Sandals

Emporio Armani Silver Shoes
Oopsy poopsy, very late with this post tonight, but I bring you a beautiful icy-princess party outfit!
So yeah, I got up this morning, felt ridiculously dizzy (as in walking into walls because I was so disorientated), ate my breakfast, tried to read some emails, then realised it was getting worse, so took myself back to bed! I slept pretty much all day. I feel not quite right still but that dizzy feeling has almost gone, so that's a relief. Anyway, I couldn't miss this post, because the outfit is absolutely stunning. It's not often I reverse my thinking and pick an outfit before shoes, but when I set my eyes on this incredible lace, feathered creation by Coast, I just knew I had to do it justice in a Sunday post. I have included it in my luxe edition, because it's rather pricey. There were loads of styles and colours of shoes I could pick for this dress, it's much more versatile than you'd imagine. I wanted to keep on that icy, frosty look so went with these Emporio Armani sandals £224 in metallic silver and very pale pink (or is it lilac?) suede. You can get 20% off them (and the bag and cuffs in this post, until 11am 17th Dec) with the code JUSTINTIME. Accessories wise I went for darker pewter and I really wanted a double cuff, Wonder Woman style! The embellished bag looks like it was made to match that jewellery, just perfect. A little fur stole or maybe some earrings would also finish off the look. What do you think, a fan of this gorgeous party outfit?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Emporio Armani Silver Sandals
Worn with: Coast Reanna feather dress £280 (sale), Deepa Gurnani cuff £135 (each) and Beavaldes clutch bag £559 (sale).


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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