Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 1006 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Carvela Leila Shoes
Shoes: Gold glitter 'Leila' Carvela

Hola peeps, sorry for the later than usual post.  I've been elbow deep in a few 'behind the scenes' blog changes this week.  HTML and fun sugar like that.  You realise the whole day has passed by and you've not much to show for it (but a sore head).  I have adopted a slightly different approach to my posts, you'll note the 'continue reading' jump.  Like so.
I wasn't sure I wanted to implement it (worried people would only read the top part and not click further) but it means faster loading pages (especially if there are lengthy posts that you've already read so have no need to re-click) and tidies up the blog a bit.  Plus, I'm sure you're all so enthusiastic about my blethering that you'll want to click and read on!  Still some changes to go, but this way I'm easing myself (and you) into them! Ok shoes, glitter shoes!  It's that time of year right?  If you follow my FB or Tumblr (ahem, if not, why not?) then you'll have seen a sneaky peek of these.  I was so excited, that I just had to photograph them for Shoesday Tuesday in my My Little Pony jammies.  I'd had my eye on them for ages as they remind me of my lovely Carvela Attack glitter courts, which I wore loads last year.  So when Shoeaholics had an extra 20% off I had to get them.  This colour have since sold out, but I've linked to Kurt Geiger above (or House of Fraser here), who have them for the same price.  I was expecting more of a white or winter white at least from the very light stock photos, but no, they are pale beigey, gold in the flesh.  I probably should have taken these photos on a contrasting carpet, as I just blend in above!  The difference to Attack, is a...now would you call it a 'sweetheart' something? Like a sweetheart neckline but around a shoe.  Am I losing all vocab tonight or what?  Attack are round anyway, these have a little curved V shape...like a heart, obvi.  I was pleasantly surprised with the fit.  I recall Attack being really tight at first, but the bigger size gaping around the foot.  These felt fine (bordering on roomy) in my usual size, so that was nice.  I love that they have that piped edge to avoid the glitter rubbing bare skin or snagging tights and like the other pair the toe isn't elongated.  Do you like these Carvela glitter courts for Shoesday Tuesday?
Wearing:  My Little Pony pyjama bottoms Primark.
Fit:  Just over 4 1/2" heel.  True to size.
Comfort:  That heel height without a platform might not be for everyone.   Gold Glitter Carvela Leila Carvela Leila Glitter Shoes Carvela Leila Gold Toe


  1. They are absolutely beautiful! I love them though too high for me to wear!x

    1. Yeah, I think even for me they might be a little uncomfortable after a while without a platform ; )


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