Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Day 1009 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Blue glitter 'Leila' Carvela 

Hello, back into my routine and time for another Shoesday Tuesday.  I trust you've all had a lovely time over Christmas and are looking forward to the new year?  I'll be glad to put 2014 behind me and hope 2015 is a little kinder.  So I thought we should have some sparkles today.
I was going to wear these with my Christmas Day outfit, but instead wore my jammies as I wasn't feeling that great.  So on Boxing Day when we had family round, I decided I'd wear my new Lindy Bop dress and these shoes.  Then I realised I resembled a giant tent, so opted for another (less fancy) dress and no shoes!  I'll pop some photos of my outfit on my Facebook and Tumblr later for you to see anyway.  So these shoes are the deep blue version of the gold pair I showed you a few weeks back.  Obviously they are meant for fancier things than My Little Pony pyjamas, but I'm sure you'll agree they are pretty nonetheless.  I took these photos on an ill-lit day, so it's not until that final image that you can really see that wonderful, colourful glitter.  It is the type of glitter that leaves a trail behind (!) so I'd suggest a good layer of hairspray before wear.  Have you decided what you're wearing for NY yet?  Do you like these sparkly shoes?  

Fit: Just over 4 1/2" heel. True to size.
Comfort: That heel height without a platform might not be for everyone.


  1. They're really nice! CBC bought me a Lindybop dress for Christmas but he got a 10 and it is too big for my chest so I can't wear it until he gets me a smaller size! Can't wait to see yours!x

    1. Oh fabulous, will be brilliant for your dancing, so twirly. Well I wore mine yesterday, salvaged it with a wide belt, though the colours were mismatched! I want the new floral pencil ones, soooo pretty.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, the obligatory 'try on sparkly shoes with pj's' moment!


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