Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day 1003 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing ASOS Homework shoes and Meadham Kirchhoff socks
Shoes: ASOS Homework 

Ahhhh, don't you miss the crazy old days, when you couldn't predict what weirdness would grace my feet next? I've had these shoes for a couple of months now, but they must've passed me by when they first came out (which is rare) or maybe I was going through a phase of not buying shoes because I had no room and/or money. Hmm, yes, that sounds more familiar. My only excuse is @Asos_Felicity made me do it!
To rewind a little, ASOS have a stylist section on their site now, where you can get tailored advice from one or all of the lads and ladies. You can find their personal edits of what's just hit the site and can also follow them on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram and watch their YouTube videos. Gorgeous Felicity is the 'curve' expert and after seeing her in the ASOS magazine, I decided to check out her Instagram (I'm not on Instagram (or Twitter or Pinterest) myself but can view public accounts). I am so glad I did, because she is just a breath of fresh air. Fashion is fun for her, regardless of size and she comes across as so vibrant and confident, which is pretty infectious. I'm confident enough in styling myself, that I'm not looking for advice, but I'm glad there's someone like her in the 'plus-size' corner fighting for sparkles, fake fur, leopard print and head to toe pink! I always laugh when I see her daily edit, because it usually features more than one item I've already added to my saved list. Then I go on her Instagram and see a pair of shoes or bag I just bought, so our taste can be very similar!

Anyway back to these shoes and once I saw Felicity wearing them, I just had to have them. They were sold out by then though, so I did my usual stalking routine until I found one pair of size 5's and here they are.  They have a giant platform and heel, which looks chunky from a side-view but is actually quite flat straight on. The front is embroidered, along with the heel which also has some beading. Then there's the adorable pom pom finish to the zip (my favourite bit). My worry was the ankle strap would be too tight (it isn't) and I'm so glad I didn't have the option of a size 6 because they are actually quite roomy (similar to my River Island 'Perine' that they can be difficult to get on, but once on, the length is ample).  I feel really naughty posting shoes you can no longer buy, but they also came in black, so between the two links you might get lucky at some point.  I just bought a belt at the weekend that I really didn't need but Felicity looked so great in it, I couldn't resist it!  Hmmm, this could become an issue!  What do you think of these shoes? Have you heard of the ASOS Stylists and do you follow any of them?

Wearing:  Striped, lace socks Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop.
Fit:  5 3/4" heel with 2" platform.  Back zip opening and small elasticated section on ankle strap.  A little long, opt for usual size or size down if between sizes.  
Comfort:  The zip might rub at the back of the heel after a while and I'm not sure I'd run anywhere in them (!) Might be a little tentative at first!   ASOS Homework shoes ASOS Homework pom pom heels ASOS Homework heel close up ASOS Homework embroidered toe ASOS Homework pom pom close up Wearing ASOS Homework


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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