Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: L.K. Bennett Faye

LK Bennett Faye embellished court shoes
You know what really irks me about L.K.Bennett? When people say they're a "high street" brand (not a fault of the company itself). It usually goes hand in hand with a story about Kate Middleton and how "oh my God, she wears high street, she's keeping it real"!! Erm, yeah whatevs. I'm sure we'd all happily, "keep it real" in a £400 pair of 'high street' shoes given the chance! I just think from a price-point of view (and I'd be inclined to include places like Kurt Geiger too), that (consistently) three-figure priced shoes aren't "high street". You could most certainly find 'designer' shoes from the likes of Vivienne Westwood (and I'm not talking 'jellies'), Miu Miu and Sophia Webster for that price (or possibly a couple of pairs) and even a plain court from Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo would retail for a similar price. Anyway mini-rant over, that's why I'm including these crystal encrusted Faye courts £420.90 in my luxe edition of TSGSI. You can find the same court minus the sparkly bits for a more respectable £225...but that just leads back to my argument of, should a plain black suede and mesh court on the 'high street' really cost £225? I paired them with this bold Jaeger houndstooth coat (sale ends tonight) and for a splash of colour, a bright red dress. The bag was just sheer extravagance and 'because I can' on my weekend edition! Having pawed over it in real life, I can guarantee it's swoon-worthy. The red lining and those adorable shoe shaped clasps, just divine! How do you like this outfit and how do you class something as high-street or not?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: L.K. Bennett Faye
Worn with:  Jaeger houndstooth wool coat £179 (sale ends tonight, save 56%), Hobbs London 'Matilda' dress £53.70 (sale, save 70%) both BrandAlley and Christian Louboutin 'Loubi Lula' clutch £550.  


  1. Ive often thought that when they cite LK Bennett with Kate! X

    1. Good, glad it isn't just me. Sure she could get those nude heels for £19.99 in New Look! Cost per wear considering she only seems to rotate three pairs at most, is pretty good though (even at £200)


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