Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: DSquared2 Satin Sandals

DSquared2 Satin Sandals
Ok, hopefully this has worked, it's my first time scheduling a blog post. I'm currently babysitting three rowdy, nephews after their first sleepover at our house, so I know it's unlikely I'll have time to write this post (or even keep my eyes open). Prepared and organised for once, go me! So the shoes today are DSquared2 satin sandals £260 (they also come in a lovely dark green). They've got those heels that look chunky from a side view but are actually very slim when you see them face-on. Cheaters! The dress I picked to go with them is incredible. I just fall in love with Paul & Joe things, they're super cute. I also love that most of the time you can match their limited edition makeup cases (lipstick, blusher etc) to their clothing. We all need that matchy-ness in our lives! Plus it's got pockets.  Pockets! So kitty galore on the dress (worn with black tights) and then these adorable earrings from Nach. I think they are ferrets, though something is telling me they're supposed to be cats. Maybe not. Anyway, I picked them for the colours and cuteness rather than wanting to match cat prints...sure they are ferrets. Do you like this look?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: DSquared2 Satin Sandals
Worn with: Paul & Joe Sister cat dress £240, Calvin Klein ultra fit tights £16 and Nach earrings £40.


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