Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 996 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei mermaid wedge
Shoes:  Lollipop Lorelei wedge Iron Fist

Cutesy shoes for you today with these Iron Fist wedges.  Another of the 'Lollipop Lorelei' designs that I just couldn't miss because of the mermaids!
They look slightly patent in the photo above, but it's just the flash because it was dark.  I tried these in a 5 (my usual size) and couldn't even get my foot in, so re-ordered the size up.  Strangely, they are slightly roomy, which is annoying considering the 5 were so tiny on me (definitely the smallest of the IF styles I've shown you lately).  The ankle strap makes them feel a little more secure and it hopefully won't be too much of an issue when I wear them properly.  It means you can wear cute socks with them (these ones are Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop), which is never a bad thing!  There's a little skull dangling from the ankle strap and as if the mermaids and pastel colours weren't enough, the wedge heel is decorated with a large gold shell shape.  Super kawaii! Do you like these?

Fit: 6" heel and 1 3/4" platform. Small, took a full size up.
Comfort:  They are high, so can't see them being completely easy to walk in.   Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei mermaid wedge Iron Fist Lollipop Lorelei mermaid wedge close up


  1. I almost bought these today! In the end I didn't and bought nothing but I do like them a lot:) and I really like the socks you paired them with too:)

    1. Ha how freaky! I've just splurged a fortune on ASOS because I had 20% off, probably won't fit any of it but oh well!

  2. They are so beautiful!! I love them with those (MK?) socks as well!

    1. Thank you. Yes, MK socks, kinda regretting not buying more pairs! x


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