Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Cherry Deer (Brown)

Irregular Choice Cherry Deer
I thought I'd have a go at styling the new brown version of Irregular Choice 'Cherry Deer' £140 after writing about them yesterday.  I'd definitely keep things tonal with rich wine, dark green or even a splash of navy like I've added here.  I'm not usually a tartan fan but this dress has been awaiting a suitable pair of shoes for some time on my Polyvore!  I added a brooch on the 'wrap' section up on the front shoulder as you would sometimes see in traditional Scottish dress with shoulder sashes, yet the shape of the dress is so modern it keeps it very current.  I just love it.  I hummed and hawed over a green coat as I wasn't keen to make things 'too much the same' colour-wise but this wine one just fitted in perfectly.  It's currently half price too!  I've added navy tights here, dark green or oxblood would work just as well.  I suppose it's rather appropriate that I choose a tartan outfit on such an historic day (Scottish Referendum), honestly it's kinda scary that your country and life is in the hands of others.  I sent my postal vote last week, but they think it's going to be close, today I get the feeling (certainly among my friends) that the 'yes' camp will win.  The practicalities of a new currency, changes to postal prices (er hello, I buy everything online from English companies), my blog I guess would change to '.sc' or whatever the Scottish would be (along with a separate eBay etc like Ireland) plus a lot of unsubstantiated promises with no evidence of working, make me want to stay as we are.  However the 'Braveheart element' of doing something really life-changing, standing on our own two feet and going it alone, not to mention what a waste the last few years getting to this point would be if we said 'no', are a huge draw.  In the end my decision wasn't made by listening to the media and debates, as there was so much uncertainty on both sides and you just wouldn't know what would or could happen until it did, instead I'd say I listened to my head more than my heart and we'll just have to see how it turns out.
  The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Cherry Deer (Brown)
Worn with:  Dickins & Jones check wrap dress £70 and British Kensington wool coat £125 (sale), Topshop navy tights £6 and Red Herring pearl and stone brooch £10.

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