Monday, 15 September 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Uh Huh

Irregular Choice Uh Huh
I'm not very organised this week, because I had to give in to the overwhelming tiredness and take the weekend off. I basically did very little besides watching dvd's, it was fun while it lasted! Back to work today and I thought I'd have a go at styling these Elvis-like heels, 'Uh Huh' by Irregular Choice £159. I actually spied the leggings and the shoes immediately popped into my mind and I wondered if I could make them work together. I originally had a shorter length dress with it, but it was a pity to cover up most of the print with a straight skirt. I'm not a fan of leggings as trousers though, so came up with the idea of a maxi dress with splits to show off the legs rather than a long top or short dress. BooHoo had tonnes (fyi use FROCKON for 24% off dresses only until midnight tonight), but when I saw this sheer maxi, it just all fell into place. The lining underneath is actually much shorter when on the body (like just covering the models bum, rather than almost knee length it looks here)...I'm not saying you'll see the entire faces, but you could howk the lining up to where you feel comfortable (good Scottish word for you there). I added the 'camera' bag because both Elvis and Marilyn seemed to crave the spotlight yet found fame and the paparazzi hard to handle, so it seemed apt. Again with the black, told you I was feeling it! Do you like this outfit?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Uh Huh
Worn with: BooHoo 'Una' maxi chiffon shirt dress £20, Too Fast Marilyn & Elvis 'Lexi' leggings £29.99 and Accessorize 'Cara' camera bag £29.


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    1. Yeah not totally to my taste, hence why I never got them. x

  2. I had a Sunday like that really - I started out well and went out for breakfast but when I came home I did just about nothing except watch DVDs - I'm watching Breaking Bad at the moment and totally hooked.
    I made up for it this morning, currently wearing a dress which I made this morning before work.
    I'm still not a fan of these shoes but I like the idea of the outfit. Love the bag of course :)

    1. I just couldn't move...then I feel guilty for not getting on with blogging etc, but I needed it. I've never seen BB, doesn't really appeal to me yet everyone raves about it.


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