Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 995 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice glitter Toffee Splatter
Shoes: Lilac glitter 'Toffee Splatter' Irregular Choice 

Hello my lovelies, how are you all this week? I decided pastel colours, cutesy bunnies and sparkle overload were needed this week, so meet Toffee Splatter by Irregular Choice (I can only find the black version in stock from letsbuyshoes). Yeah, not for the faint hearted!
I was so desperate for these last year that I bought a size larger than usual because it was the only pair left. I think I probably would have been alright with the size down, though there's certainly not masses of extra length. The straps feel a little big (though don't look it in the photos), but as they are covered in so much glitter, I'm not sure I'd have wanted them all that tight. The glitter is rough to the touch ("but sharper than the gleam in your eye", sorry 5ive Battlestar lyric!), so I'd imagine it could easily snag tights and I'm not sure if it would irritate the skin with continued movement. Obviously the underside is soft, but the glitter edges worry me a bit. Even getting the strap into the buckle is a struggle because it's so thick and padded with all the fabrics/glitter (and the buckle is actually a good, non-fiddly one) though it will get easier with wear as more of the glitter falls off! I'm not sure if I'll ever wear these because of these points, they don't seem the most practical, but with their beautiful mint and lilac colours and large applique bunny on the heel, I'm sure you'll agree they will make stunning display shoes!

Fit: 6 1/2" heel and 2 1/2" platform. True to size, adjustable buckle fastening.
Comfort: See above. Irregular Choice glitter Toffee Splatter Irregular Choice glitter Toffee Splatter bunny heel Irregular Choice Toffee Splatter glitter detail


  1. Oh so glittery - they're fab!

  2. I love them (and they actually look like they are the perfect size, I find sizing to be really strange with IC shoes)

    1. Yeah it can be very strange, it's evened out more in recent years though I still size up on some.

  3. V pretty!!!! Bloomin high though!!! X

  4. I LOOOOVE that you quoted a 5ive lyric!!


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