Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 978 - I'm Friends With The Monster That's Under My Bed

Shoes: 'Party Like Pollock' Sophia Webster 

A little later than I'd have liked with this post due to technical difficulties.  I don't know what is up with Photobucket, but I waited an hour and a half last night for it to log me in and it wouldn't.  So I went old-school and uploaded the photos via blogger (which I haven't done for years) and it seemed to lighten them to the point that they were all grainy.  Black became a horrid browny grey and so I gave up until this morning.  Photobucket was still extremely slow, but it did eventually let me log in and upload in stages!  Finally, I have a complete post for you now!  This day (Wednesday) was my big sisters birthday and we went out for lunch.  It was pretty rainy and miserable, so I wanted happy shoes and these are just fabulous.  I've had my eye on them since they launched and waited and waited until they popped into the sale before Christmas and allowed myself the splurge.  The paint brush down the side is so cool and although I think you'd notice this more with coloured tights or bare legs, I wanted to somehow make them work for winter too.  What do you think?

Wearing:  Daisy crochet collar cardigan, pencil skirt and tights Primark, earrings Mawi, green clutch bag gift (River Island), turquoise ring my Granny's, horse ring Miss Selfridge, black ring gift.  
Fit:  Small fitting and very narrow in the toe (these are a half size up).  4" heel.  
Comfort:  The toe is very narrow (I've found this in SW shoes) so this can pinch a little after a while, but I didn't have any real issues with them.  


  1. omg!you got those shoes!!
    I remember I saw pic of them on your tumblr little while ago *u*

    and I was thinking same thing about that paint brush looks better with colour tights or bare foot.or maybe nude colour stocking because it's winter.
    I've thought about some white or bright colour sox on top of tights too but that's not good idea for those because could be too thick right?(seems like not for those shoes)so...hmmm
    well I always wanted try white tights but still haven't because feels like will look like child from kindergarten or something...haha and ofc,about anything that white is always makes me worried to dirt them too
    anyways there's no worries because you'll always have own idea★
    even that sock lining(?) part looking like wooden painting palette

    btw thanks for your reply to my last long comment :D
    what you said about being imperfect means being natural I think
    and I believe that is the best way in any situation even in internet
    people will pretend like someone that they want to be in real life or something but
    just naaah



    1. Yesssss, wanted these shoes for so long!!! Yeah definitely will try something more colourful or nude next time...haven't painted my toes all winter, so didn't want to have naked tootsies! Yeah I think socks would be too thick as they are so narrow in the toe. My other pair of Sophia Webster are narrow like that too. Thanks as always Asa x

  2. I have that cardie too!!! The shoes are cute!!! I didn't even notice the paintbrush until you said that-how fun!! X

    1. Isn't it so pretty and un-Primark like?! I saw an elderly lady with it in her hands in Primark the other day and I was like "ooh, that old lady is buying my cardi....not sure how I feel about that"! She was telling her friend it was very pretty on.

  3. Love your outfit. The collar on your sweater is so sweet and I love the Sophia Webster shoes

    1. Thank you. It's fab and you don't need to wear a fancy blouse underneath because it's already got a pretty collar!

  4. Strange, I thought I commented on this post but then I went back to check and nothing, huh. Love these shoes and really like your outfit. You're so gorgeous:)


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