Saturday, 12 October 2013

Day 943 - I Wish This Could Be A Happy Song

Shoes: Green striped platforms 'Rosy' Irregular Choice (by Rosanna Gault)

Hello chickadees, how are you all this weekend? Today I went on a mission to wear a pair of shoes I hadn't for ages. I came up with these fabulous heart-hole heeled courts! I'm not sure when I last wore them, but it's definitely been a while. Like yesterday, I'm wearing a bargain £8 dress, one of the newer ones my Mum picked up for me last week. I feel like I'm really finding my stride with my hair now, it usually takes a day or two to get comfortable with it and find what colours work best both clothing and makeup wise.  I'm not actually a fan of the colour blue, but I'm really loving my hair this shade.  The colour is just so vivid and I like that it's darker for winter.  It was pretty chilly this afternoon, so I'm thinking boots are on the horizon...and a coat, brrr.

Wearing: Floral dress and leggings Primark, black cardigan Red Herring.
Fit: True in length, a little tight across the foot. 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform.
Comfort: The high cut vamp can press into the foot, but otherwise ok.  


  1. Omgosh, those shoes are amazing. I have never seen hearts cut into shoes like that before!! I also nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :-)

  2. I LOVE these shoes! The cut-out heart heel and well, everything about these shoes are just perfect!


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