Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 945 - The Person You Were Kissing Wasn't Me

Shoes: Turquoise poodle ankle boots Irregular Choice 

So on Wednesday my Mum, sister and I all went off for a little shopping trip to Edinburgh. I haven't been for two years and before that it had been at least 10 years, despite living not too far away. Before that, when I was at Uni, I was in Edinburgh almost every weekend, so it's strange to visit so rarely now. With my illness, I'm not really capable of the long bus journey and the capital has to be one of the least wheelchair friendly places you'll visit (think cobbles, roadworks/scaffolding, tram lines and old buildings with steps up to them), not to mention it's very busy and wheelchairs and lots of people rushing around don't mix. In saying that, I'm keen to go a couple of times annually just for a change of scene. Mum and I are considering going to The Lion King (at the Edinburgh Playhouse) and staying overnight for a treat. This time we only visited a couple of shops, but got what we went for (haul post soon) so the trip was successful. I'll have to figure out what to do about the lack of light during winter as I reenacted the outfit today (had no time to take shots on the actual day) and the light was extremely poor even at lunchtime. I managed some head shots on the day, but only quickly before we left, so the whole post is a bit higgledy piggledy!  I dressed for comfort and rain, but thankfully we missed it.

Wearing: Cartoon girls dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, hair comb Yama Yama Pretty Mama, midi ring and pearl ring gift, blue ring my Grannys, turquoise ring Primark, pink floral bag Love Moschino.
Fit: Just over 4" slim wedge heel, true to size. Can be worn several ways.
Comfort: No problems with these.


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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