Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 940 - You Couldn't Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Shoes: Pink glitter 'Antibes' Carvela 

I've had two 12 hour colds in the past week or so (random and weird or what?) but the third attempt seems to have stuck. It's not overly bad; started with a blocked nose/unable to breathe but has now turned into a sore throat and I feel weakened and tired with it. I've not been very regular in getting dressed and going out, so really tried to get back into my routine yesterday despite the cold. It called for oodles of girly sparkles with these pink courts! Sometimes you just need glitter. Have I worn this dress before? I know I've attempted many times and always change because I feel uncomfortable in it, but it felt looser this time. It's cute, just not a great fit for me. Anyway, with the strong winds we've been getting, it was all blown up around my head yesterday! Err not really kidding ; ) Oh and I almost forgot to mention the new blue hair!! I just dyed it on Monday and absolutely loooove it, what do you think? 

Wearing: Blue stripe daisy dress H By Henry Holland, suede leggings Primark, pink bow brooch gift.
Fit: Slim fit, but take your usual size. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: Mine are a size larger and they are slightly too big, would fit better with insoles.


  1. Love your hair!!! (I'll miss the pink but blue suits you very well)

  2. Love it!! Those shoes belong in a fairytale :-D xx

  3. noooooo!kinda too soon after hadn't pink hair for VERY LONG!!now I know that was the warning to see no more pink for while again,seeing your natural hair from the roots on last post.still looking good though ToT I will miss your pink hair so bad</3
    but looking really good<3"

    1. Yep, felt like a change again! I hadn't realised I'd had the pink for almost 8 weeks, felt like shorter than that. Loving this bright blue though.


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