Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Day 1175 - Shoesday Tuesday

blue star print knee high boots with red and white striped hat shaped heel
Shoes: The Cat In The Hat | Irregular Choice 

I've finished my festive footwear posts, so this week, I have another recent purchase, The Cat In The Hat boots from the Dr Seuss collection.  This collection was split into 2 parts, with CITH coming first, then The Grinch in time for Christmas.  I didn't buy anything from that launch...there's several things I like, but I can't afford them after all the Christmas stuff.  I also technically couldn't afford these and therefore didn't buy them on launch day, but a birthday voucher I'd been saving for something else (but ended up getting for a better deal elsewhere) meant I saved quite a bit.  I'm not a Dr Seuss fan, I haven't read the books, I just watched The Grinch for the first time this year (the animated one, I can't abide Jim Carrey to suffer his version), so I really didn't expect to buy anything from these ranges to be honest.  That said, I haven't seen Star Wars (nor have any interest in it) and still bought from that, so...!  Although relatively small, I really love the CITH collection.  I'd still like the matching bag for these, the shoe with this same heel and I'm even hoping to get the fish bowl heeled ankle boots, even although they are much lower than I'd usually go for.  If any of it sticks around long enough for me to get funds of course.  The pair I felt like I'd die if I missed out on though (seriously), were these boots.  I've never seen anything like them, they are utterly amazing.  I didn't expect to fall so hard for something I barely know anything about, but here we are!  

I think the leg of this boot may be an issue for some; it's designed to be very slim fitting and I knew (being at my heaviest just now), there was a chance that part wouldn't fit.  They do fit me, but I'd like to lose a bit of weight before wearing them, as I don't want to stretch them and they're already wrinkling on me as I'm at the top end of fitting them (eloquently put!).  They aren't uncomfortable in any way, they are quite strange to get into as I'm accustomed to slipping my foot sideways into the foot part, but these don't have a full length zip, so you have to go in from the top.  I didn't know I could lift my leg that high!!  The top doesn't have a structured cuff as such, a bit like Sleigh Ride the other week, so in that sense, they're quite flexible around the top (there's also no elasticated gusset for some extra stretch).  

Across the widest part of my foot is where I worry they won't zip up, I could barely get the two sides to meet, but with a ribbon looped through the zip to aid, they do up relatively easily (I generally do this with boots as it saves you hurting your fingers pulling on the zip).  Within the foot, they feel true to size, not roomy, but just as I'd expect.  The heel, note the inverted hat on one foot, is roughly the size of the higher characters with a small concealed platform.  The heels being topsy turvy makes no difference to how they feel on, you don't notice it.  I do worry about wear with these though as there's no proper heel tip, just the white brim of the hat.  I guess they aren't intended for a lot of walking!  

I do like a close-fitting leg on knee high boots, I'm not keen on a lot of gaping, especially at the top, so I actually like the fit of these on me.  The jagged edge around the top and the star background make them feel very superhero-ish.  I really can't rave about these enough, they are wonderful, I love them.  

Wearing: Tartan tights (old). 
Fit: 4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform (3/4"). Slim fitting leg, partial zip opening, true to size in foot. 
Comfort:  If you can manage the higher character heels, you should be fine in these.  A nice solid heel base to walk on.    
front view wearing star print boots with Dr Seuss illustrations and contrast stripes
close up of boot with cat in the hat illustration with birthday cake
close fitting star and Dr Seuss printed boots worn with tartan tights
striped hat shaped heeled boots with star print uppers
striped knee high boots being worn with hat shaped wonky heels
knee high cat in the hat illustrated boots
hat shaped character heel boots with star print uppers
kitsch patterned limited edition knee high boots
close up of illustrated Dr Seuss knee high boots
front of Dr Seuss patterned knee high boots
close up of striped toe of boots with cat in the hat and birthday cake illustration
cat in the hat dr seuss boots on wooden floor
close up of red and white striped glossy hat shaped heel on boot


  1. They look amazing :-D I sadly have chunky calves and a bit beefy so cannot wear a lot of my boots :-(

    Hope you have a great Hogmanay :-D

    1. Thank you, hope you had a lovely time too. I was pretty knackered but managed to get downstairs for a family meal, which was nice.


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