Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Day 1129 - Shoesday Tuesday

crossed legs wearing gold fishnet tights and irregular choice christmas shoes
Shoes: Mr & Mrs Clause Irregular Choice 

Hello, another outfit for you this week. This time from Christmas Day. We were spending it with my older sister and her brood, so we got up as usual in the morning, but with the intention of not opening all our presents (as we might not have time). My younger sister and I were pretty speedy (and Mum doesn't wrap much for me as she knows it tires me out), so we managed everything and our stockings, had a quick breakfast and off I went to get ready. Obviously I was wearing my Santa heels again-trying to get as much use out of them as I could and not pictured here is the gingerbread bag from last week, which I also took. I bought this dress in the sale over summer after ogling it last year in the winter sale (well, 2 years ago actually or maybe even 3, must remember it's 2018 now). I'm glad I didn't buy it back then, because I've had to sell all the coats and dresses I bought at the time as they are too big now. It's most definitely a wiggle dress, getting in and out of cars was tricky to say the least!  I was pretty roasty-toasty in it too. It's fully lined and the collar is removable, the fur hem isn't, but I liked it with the fur around the neck too. The neckline is quite high at the front, but lower at the back.  I had to try the outfit on again for this post, because I didn't have time on the day and isn't it always the way that when you feel nice in an outfit, you don't get photos of it?  I only managed to sneak in a couple of selfies before leaving, so I look a bit awkward in them! 
My oldest nephew came with his Mum to pick us up and I was flashing my shoes at him and he didn't even notice them because of the new hair colour! He even made up a song about it, which got stuck in my head all day.  We had a lovely time anyway, though I was most upset at missing out on the chocolate fountain we were supposed to be having.  We had a taxi booked to go home and couldn't fit it in (I was waiting all afternoon for it), so I was starving as I'd saved room for it!  I absolutely made the taxi drivers day though with these shoes.  He couldn't get over them flashing. Next week, I have my New Year outfit and I opted not to wear my Santa shoes, so it's something different for you!     

Wearing: Collectif 'Juliette' jacquard pencil dress (old), red patent belt gift (old), gold fishnet tights New Look (current) and glitter parcel hairband H&M Kids (current, similar).
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform. A little roomy, so I wouldn't size up.
Comfort: Love this heel to walk on, very comfortable. wearing jacquard wiggle dress with fur hem and collarwomans face with yellow hair, glitter parcel Christmas novelty hairband and nude gold makeupface with festive makeup Fudge Paintbox Gold Coast yellow hair and glitter novelty hairbandglitter christmas parcel hairband in handfront view of feet wearing metallic fishnet tights and Santa and Mrs Claus shoeswearing glitter festive shoes with Santa heelback view wearing shoe with Santa Claus heelnovelty festive heels on feetfur trim dress and Santa shoes being wornlight up Christmas shoes on feet

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  1. How amazing do you look??!! I love the Canary Yellow hair too!


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