Thursday, 7 December 2017

Day 1127 - Shoesday Tuesday

front view of glitter unicorn court shoes with blue metallic tights and fishnets
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Lady Misty

I bought these a few months ago, when they were released alongside the velvet cat pair (Stars At Night here).  I've said it many a time before, but I will forever buy styles with this heel, I love it. 
It's not the highest heel, it's chunky enough that it's stable and it's just so darn pretty.  The uppers on these are fabulous too.  In a brilliant reflective, holographic type material that really flashes different colours when tilted.  Then you have the unicorn head with the trio-coloured glitter mane across the toe and I love the embroidered "Misty Reins" heart at the back.  There's so much texture and glitter and shiny things in one shoe!  I was undecided with whether to wear metallic blue tights or pink fishnets and then had the brainwave to combine both.  The paleness of the fishnets are usually lost against my super light legs, so they are enhanced here.  I hope your week is going well, I'm off out today, so hoping to wear my new Santa heels as I don't get many opportunities! 

Wearing:  Blue metallic tights (old, similar) and pale pink fishnets (old, similar here). 
Fit: Just under 4" heel, no platform.  Run a little generous, but stick with your usual size. Definitely size down if between sizes.   
Comfort: No issues with these, very easy and comfortable heel to walk on.  side view of holographic unicorn lucite heels on footback view of pink lucite heels on holographic shoeswearing pink perspex heeled shoes with blue heart detailcrossed legs with glitter unicorn shoes and metallic tightswearing holographic unicorn shoes with metallic and fishnet tights

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