Thursday, 30 November 2017

Day 1126 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Mr and Mrs Clause shoes on feet with spot tights
Shoes: Irregular Choice Mr and Mrs Clause

Hello, I know, I know, it's Wednesday not Tuesday!  Well actually Thursday now, as technology has not been on my side this week.  I thought my laptop died on Tuesday.  It had been working fine then froze repeatedly, resulting in me forcing it shut each time, only for it to do it all over again.  Our internet connection has also been playing up and dropping out completely that I can't get anything done and my sister came home from work early yesterday because they'd been flooded (literally pouring in, they were wading through it to save as much stock as they could), so it's been a bit crazy.  Anyway, new shoes and yep, that's another pair of Santa heels in my collection! 
I'm not sure I can justify 4 pairs when I barely leave the house, but boy do I love these, so I don't care!  I do think each style has brought something different, so in that sense, you could definitely own more than one.  There's the flashing nose Rudolph from last year, an element I was so excited about, but before that, he was furry, which I also loved!  Then there's the originals, the crushed velvet courts.  I've attempted to sell those several times (as in talking myself into it and nothing more), because the uppers have never been my favourite, but they've grown on me over the years and because they were the first Santa heels and actually one of my most worn Irregular Choice pairs (ever) on the blog, they do hold special meaning for me.  These are the fanciest yet with applique Mr & Mrs Claus on the toes and metallic spot uppers.  I'd like to say here, there's a bit of a discrepancy over their name.  Both "Claus" and "Clause" appear on the box and I know the real Santa is Claus, but you know how IC love to play on words and spellings, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's Clause.  I also love the addition of the green glitter.  Green has been lacking for me in previous Christmas themed shoes (you immediately think red, green and gold for Christmas) and you all know I'm partial to a bit of green!

If that's not enough, they light up and not just white lights, multi-coloured!  They are dazzling.  It's a bit wasted in the photo below because it was daytime, but in the dark they are seriously spectacular.  Like previous light-up shoes, they are activated by walking and movement, but I always find them to be more consistent when sitting down and knocking my feet together rather than walking.  Which can be fine for me in the wheelchair to "flash on demand", but it would also be cool if they continually lit up as you walked.  In saying that though, I think walking outdoors on a solid surface is always more likely to set them off than indoors, especially on carpets and softer ground.  Often I gently graze my Cinderella or Rudolph heels in the shoe room and it sets them off when I don't mean to, so it's not always the strongest stomp they need.  Plus maybe some people prefer to not have them lighting the way ALL the time.  This heel mould is one of my favourite character heels ever.  I adored the gnome and Santa is exactly the same, it's so comfortable to walk on, I really love it.  As for sizing, I can slip my heel out the back.  It doesn't come off when walking, but I can force it out when standing.  Obviously I've only tried them on in the house, so I'm not sure if it would be the same outside.  My toes feel like they are just about touching the tip of the shoe though.  I don't feel like a smaller or larger size is required, they are just fine, despite those couple of points.  Last weekend I shot these shoes for my big review on Pink Haired Princess (can't link here without it crashing!), it was SO much fun, they looked awesome, so look out for that.

Wearing:  Large spot tights Primark (old).
Fit:  4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform.  True to size, though I find I can force my heel out the back, yet my toes are almost touching the tip inside.  Regardless, neither were enough to size up or down. 
Comfort:  Love this heel to walk on, very comfortable.   front view wearing applique Santa and Mrs Claus on Irregular Choice shoespom pom applique face of Mrs Claus on toe of shoe worn on feet crossed legsside view of Christmas Irregular Choice shoes with green glitter and large polka dot uppers and Santa heelsclose up of Santa character heels on shoes being wornFather Christmas red character heel Christmas shoes on feetChristmas flashing light up shoes on feet with Santa character heels

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