Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Day 1125 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice All About Moi Miss Piggy shoes on feet
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets pink All About Moi 

Hi gang! Ugh, what a day, I'm shattered. I showered, tidied (which was totally impulsive, but I'm pleased with what I did, though I suspect I'll be unable to find anything now), packaged up a massive parcel of stuff that had to be returned and now my lower back is in agony and my hips and legs are done-in too! I really wanted to get this post out though because it's my final Muppets shoes, sob! Can't believe I've been through my 4 pairs already (hit the Muppets tag below to see the others). My sister is giving me these for Christmas, but let me take blog photos, though I don't want to properly wear them beforehand. It feels like cheating, so I'm hiding them away now. I'm also apologising in advance for the funny lighting, I tried to fix it as best I could, but the sun was going down when I took these last week and they all had a weird, warm glow to them (which I didn't realise until it came to editing them and I'm way too knackered to retake them).
Anyway, these are my favourite style from this collection and I genuinely loved every piece, so that's no mean feat. I now own 3 styles with that pearl bracelet feature (Eros and Kir Royal) and this fastens with lobster clips on both sides like those. I did wonder if they were a little shorter here? I would've liked a slightly longer drape. The thick strap has "Too much is never enough" embroidered on it (wise words Miss Piggy) and also features the fluffy trim and the bestest buckle in the whole wide world. I love it. Nails intact, result!  The heels have the same changeable skirt feature as Fierce Piggy, but in different colours and there's a small glitter platform. I found the shoe quite hard, it gaped a little at my instep on the inner side, but there wasn't much room in the actual shoe. I bought my usual size and they weren't small enough to warrant sizing up, but they are quite a snug fit just now. I suspect with wear they will soften though. I paired them with the other Muppets tights I bought, Miss Piggy. As I said last time with the blue ones, they are super stretchy and thick and really nice quality. I still have all my in-depth reviews to see to, there's been too many other things getting in the way the past couple of weeks, but I'll definitely have at least one up this week, so keep checking Pink Haired Princess for that and I'll be back next week with a 'normal' pair of shoes! I'll maybe treat you to an outfit as it's been a while...though I think they are all summery and I'm shivering at the thought of that right now!

Wearing: Miss Piggy tights Irregular Choice
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" small platform. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap and pearl bracelet clips on and off at both sides. A little snug in my usual size, but not enough for me to size up.
Comfort: I find my toes curl under when putting these on, it was helped when wearing tights because they slipped in a bit better, so I had less adjusting to do! wearing All About Moi Miss Piggy shoes and pink patterned tights by Irregular Choiceclose up of feet wearing pink Miss Piggy tights and Irregular Choice satin shoes with fluffy heart detailwearing pink satin and lilac glitter Irregular Choice Miss Piggy shoescrossed legs with Miss Piggy Muppets tights and Irregular Choice pink satin heart shoesback view wearing Miss Piggy character heel shoes with Muppets tightswearing Miss Piggy heels close up with patterned soleside view showing jewel detail and glitter platform with character heel on All About Moitop view of pearl and fluffy hearts on toe of All About Moi shoesdetailed side of character heel and pearl strap and jewels on Irregular Choice Muppets heels

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  1. These shoes and tights are certainly a statement! I love them both! I love the details. I do look at them and think that they just wouldn't be practical for my lifestyle of walking everywhere. I'd just tread in something and ruin them! What a nice Christmas present from my sister. We don't really spend that much on each other for birthdays but we have stopped giving each other Christmas pressies.
    I like Miss Piggy's turquoise skirt!!


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