Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Day 1118 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice tatsu cut out dragon wedge boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice gold Tatsu 

Hello, another week and another new Irregular Choice release! I keep saying it, but this season has just been tremendous so far. I'll be paying my Mum back for all these until Easter, but she knows I'm good for it! I actually spent the weekend eBaying more stuff. I have all these fabulous winter coats I bought before I lost weight and none of them fit now. Mostly unworn too, so getting rid of them will free up space and pay for some of these shoes. I went shopping last week and the clothes in the shops are dire. Absolutely nothing took my fancy, so I'm nowhere near replacing all the stuff I'm getting rid of. I'm still finding more items in my wardrobe that have become too big (don't know why because I haven't lost weight in months-the novelty of being able to eat chocolate and cakes still hasn't worn off since my operation)! So I keep adding to the sale pile, but never buy any new clothes.  I think I prefer shopping online with boutique brands to the stuff on the high street nowadays. At this rate I'll be naked and poor but with pretty shoes on my feet. Hmm, what a thought! I really wasn't feeling up to eBaying and boy did those coats weigh a ton, it was hard, physical work photographing and measuring them, but it's done and hopefully they sell. Anyway, back to the shoes and it's a brand new heel concept, which I'm really excited about.
They look like regular heels (reasonably chunky), but they sit atop a wedge platform to create this wonderful cut-out effect between the shoe sole and the platform base. I was immediately taken with the Kir Royal in the gorgeous mint shade, which I meant to show you last week, but didn't have time for (I might try an extra post this week if possible). Then besides the shoe styles, along came Tatsu, an ankle boot. Well, wowzers, these are just stunners. They came in two colours and I got the gold. They took my breath away when I opened the box, they are an absolute vision. I was really worried about the sizing. My Kir Royal arrived first and were generous, so I hoped I'd done the right thing sticking with my usual size in these. There's no fastening to open them, they are slip-on. Previous experiences with IC fastening-free boots have not been great for me, but my feet have shrunk a bit and the boot is very short, so I hoped I'd be alright. Both times I've tried them on, it's been with tights on, which does aid the 'slipping in' process, but they aren't all that tricky to get into to be honest. There's a very brief moment of "oh, will my heel get in here?" and by the time you've thought it, your foot is in. Once on, they are a little roomy. I'd liken them to Long(er) Lashes boots, in respect of them being quite big in the heel. They have a narrower front than those though, but generally the rest of the foot is true to size.

It's very unusual for me not to have sized up, as I used to in boots 99% of the time. I don't think this is purely down to my feet shrinking a bit, I do believe IC are running more generous these days, but just when you think you have it sussed, along comes something really tiny.  It's still a guessing game, but hey, that's the aim of this blog, to give as much advice as I can on sizing. If you're accustomed to wearing heels and getting into boots, these should be no issue for you in your regular size. If you're between sizes, I'd opt for the smaller. Sizing up, well I really think you'll find with wear that they begin to slip off the heel when walking. Walking on them, feels like walking on a regular wedge. A wedge is a wedge, whether there's a cut out or not, the inside of the shoe is still the same, so there's nothing to note there. I will say I found the shoes easier to walk on than the boots. These seem to have a real, springy sole, so I was kinda bouncing around, which I didn't notice with the shoe. Also, what I truly love is having a play around with them and realising you can do whatever the hell you want with that cuff. I'm going to pop pics up on my Instagram and Facebook, but I wore them up, down (here), front up but back corners down and half up/half down. The world is your oyster my friend, do as you please! The reverse of the cuff is a different colour, so it's really cool to get different looks with the one shoe.  What do you think, do you like these?

Wearing: Navy fishnet tights House Of Holland (part of set, old).
Fit: 5" heel and 1" platform. True to size to slightly generous. I'd stick with your usual size.
Comfort: See above re bouncy sole, but a nice wide sole to walk on, so not too tricky. wearing irregular choice chinese dragon ankle bootsfront view wearing irregular choice tatsu aw17 ankle bootsback view wearing irregular choice tatsu with glitter platform and cut out heelwearing irregular choice tatsu cut out heel bootswearing irregular choice tatsu

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