Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Day 1116 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious macaron heeled boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue Bee Delicious 

Hello, how are you all?  As promised in my review post, I have the brand new macaron heels for you today.  I touched on the fit in that post, but if you haven't read it yet, then I bought 2 pairs to try.  The pink in the size up (39/6) and the blue in my usual size (38/5).
A lot of my IC boots are a size bigger, because I find them tight across the foot or leg.  However, I'm finding the 5 a good fit here.  Yes, they are tight across the foot (where the applique heart is), so there's not any room to manoeuvre once they are zipped up, but I can wiggle my toes as the foot part of the boot feels true to size.  In the bigger size (I've already returned them, so don't have photos to show you), the foot section felt very roomy.  My heel lifted a little when walking and yet the boots were still quite tight in that same section.  So, I felt the blue were a better fit on me.  Due to the fact the uppers are glitter, the boot itself is very hard and stiff.  This will likely ease a little with wear, but it's just the nature of them.  I do find they are rubbing (more so on one foot than the other) at the top.  They have a wide fit at the top, but the outer side, above the ankle bone is where I found friction.  I can zip the blue pair up easily without the need to pull the two sides together.  I wasn't that favourable to the rubber sole in my review post, but now that I've had the chance to try it out, I love it!  Yes, I'd still be gutted if I never saw another painted sole again, but the new rubber is so comfortable.  It feels nice and spongy and very 'safe' as it grips the floor.  It does take a bit of getting used to, even seeing it in these photos, because I'm so accustomed to seeing a flash of pattern in the instep or under the upturned toe, but yeah, I wouldn't mind owning a few pairs with this sole.  The heel feels very similar to wearing the chunky perspex one, so if you can manage those, you'll be great in these.  What do you think?    

Wearing: Oversized pink fishnet tights (similar here, here or here).
Fit:  4" heel, full length inside zip.  Tight across the upper part of the foot, but TTS in length.  Depending on your comfort levels or how you're wearing them (i.e. with socks), you may wish to size up, but I found my usual size comfortable enough.    
Comfort:  A stiff boot to start with and I predict rubbing above the ankle bone.  Very comfortable sole and easy heel to walk on.     wearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious fluffy fur heart bootswearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious cake heelswearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious pearl and blue glitter ankle bootswearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious macaron character heelswearing Irregular Choice AW17 Bee Delicious concept heel bootswearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious blue glitter ankle bootswearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious showing inside zipwearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious furry applique heart boots frontwearing Irregular Choice Bee Delicious close up with pink fishnet tights


  1. They are very, very pretty! I do like them!

  2. These are so so beautiful, even better in the flesh, so upset I had to return mine...


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