Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Day 1117 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Stars At Night
Shoes: Irregular Choice Stars At Night 

Ahh, it's so nice to be blogging again after a couple of really busy weeks. Unfortunately not doing anything fun, but tidying, eBaying and still recovering after a trip to the dentist. The dentist was painless (replacing a filling), but seems to have hit me quite hard M.E. wise and I've been more lethargic and sore than usual. Well, it's probably not all down to that, I generally have been attempting to do more lately, but it played a role. It's affected my motivation and mood most days too and when I struggle to blog, keep up with emails and social media, I feel like a terrible person, failing at life and a very bad blogger!  Then the more I get annoyed with myself, the less I do, the less I do, the more I get annoyed, vicious cycle! The tidying and eBaying hasn't even been particularly immense (nor fruitful), but it's zapped my energy and increased the aches and pains. The good(ish) things have been shoe filled parcels aplenty! Though that in turn stresses me out (not just because I'm spending money like it grows on trees), but because I have the longest list of photos to take, blog posts to write etc etc for every new pair that comes in the door and there's been a lot!
Irregular Choice are, surprise, surprise, slaying this season. I've always been a big fan of their classic carved, perspex heels as I sometimes seek a chunky, manageable heel. Something I could wear all day and although IC don't exactly do boring, sometimes I want something a little less extravagant than say a character heel. Every season for years now, there's been new variations or sometimes even the metallic version of this heel, but there's a huge choice in the uppers. I've had long boots, ankle boots, shoes and obviously patterns, colours and themes are very varied. The two newest releases are these Stars At Night (SAN) and Lady Misty (unicorns). SAN coordinate with the Starry Night bag from a few years ago. This bag has been re-released a few times now and it's always proves to be very popular (you can read my review of it here or buy here), so I was really eager to get the matching shoes. I've said before I'm not a massive fan of crushed velvet, but it lends itself so well to this night sky theme. 

All the stunning details from the bag have been carried over into the courts, which is amazing. The same materials for the clouds and holographic crescent moon and black fluffy cat. I loved the purple hearts on the bag and once more, it's a detail I love on the shoes. You'll find them at the back of the heel with "Starry Night" embroidered on them. I won't just limit myself to wearing these with the bag, I like to mix and match and change it up. Size wise, I always find the perspex heels run a little small, obviously with the difference in upper styles and fabrics, it can vary between stretching my usual size or needing to size up, but not so with these. I actually find them generous. Probably not enough to go down a size, but there's no issues of them feeling snug straight out of the box. The front may press a little, not at the top of the 'tongue' but down a fraction, across the widest part of your foot. It's minimal, certainly for me and not uncomfortable or painful and I certainly wouldn't consider sizing up because of it, but it's something to note. As always the heel is brilliant, so comfy and steady and this one is purple with a bronze tip.  I will review these in greater detail on PHP at some point, but haven't even had time to take the photos yet, so it'll likely be a few weeks.  What do you think, do you like these, do you like to match your heels and handbag?

Wearing: Star fishnet tights Primark (old) similar here.
Fit:  Just under 4" heel, no platform.  Run a little generous, but stick with your usual size. Definitely size down if between sizes.    
Comfort:  No issues with these, very easy to walk on. wearing primark fishnet star tights and irregular choice shoeswearing Irregular Choice starry night perspex heeled shoes and star fishnet tightsIrregular Choice Stars At Night AW17 blue velvet cat shoeswearing Irregular Choice Stars At Night perspex and heart heelswearing Irregular Choice Stars At Night purple lucite heelswearing Irregular Choice Stars At Night fur cat shoeswearing Irregular Choice Stars At Night velvet cat shoes

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  1. These are really sweet! I always liked the bag so I am glad they made a shoe version!


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