Monday, 31 July 2017

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Disney Tropical Minnie 1

irregular choice disney tropical minnie mouse sandals top view
Ah yes, you read that right, TSGSI is back! I never intended to 'stop' it, nor did I expect the unanticipated break to last quite so long. January was my last post and I never finished that trio. I hate that, but I need to learn to be a little easier on myself and less strict about things. I got ill(er), life got in the way, stuff came up, I lost motivation, there, the world didn't end. Actually I even started these sets over a month ago and procrastinated so much (maybe I lost some confidence in my abilities after such a long hiatus), that I had to really force myself to publish this today or I feared I never would. I had a pretty rotten week last week, nothing bad happened, I just lost focus, felt really down about everything and anti-social (hence the lack of social media updates). I get like that sometimes. Probably because I get frustrated about being ill and not being able to do anything about it and although day to day I cope pretty well with that, it does come up to the surface and bubble over occasionally. My life is far from perfect, but it could be a lot worse, so I'm feeling more ready for the week ahead and hoping after this post I'm inspired for blogging this week.  I have missed these posts and I do catch myself thinking "ooh, they'd be good shoes to style or that would go well with...", so I guess it was only natural I would come back to TSGSI.  
So, here we are, attempting a trio of outfits to inspire some ideas for these sandals. They are Tropical Minnie £149 from the most recent Disney and Irregular Choice collaboration. This first outfit is my high end look and I had to totally change it from the original as almost everything had sold out during my procrastination period! It was a beaut too, but never mind. The dress is actually Disney too. Kenzo made a Jungle Book inspired collection and it's filled with tropical prints and colours and I guess is a grown-up take on Disney, where you really have to search to find the characters in amongst what is already a beautiful and eye-catching print. It's got a dropped waist and lightly puffed, dip hem and overall has a really playful feel which tied in well with the choice of shoes. I'd wear these Dolce & Gabbana bright sunglasses, because they are fab-u-lous! I also added the monochrome spotty handbag for an interesting contrast among the brighter colours and florals. I'd most definitely team this get-up with some Nach jewellery as they have some great 'tropical' pieces with parrots and toucans and the like. The one I added here is a ring, but you can find earrings, necklaces and bracelets too. Ah that wasn't too bad and I didn't even need to remind myself of the post layout! Hopefully, mood and motivation prevailing, I'll have my high street and plus size looks for the same shoes over the next few days. What do you think of this one, glad TSGSI is back?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Disney Tropical Minnie 1

Worn with: Jungle Book printed dress, red cat eye embellished sunglasses, spotted handbag and toucan ring.

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