Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Day 1104 - Shoesday Tuesday

irregular choice mermaid aquata character heels
Shoes: Irregular Choice Aquata 

Brand new character heels coming your way today for Shoesday Tuesday!
On Friday the latest crazy heel design from Irregular Choice launched and I can say that almost everything I've ever imagined or hoped for in a character heel has come true over the past few years and this was another one crossed off the fantasy list, which is very lucky.  Mermaid heels!  I've always wondered how they would tackle this.  We've had people (ish) moulds with the likes of the gnomes, Santa and Alice, but I did wonder how they would incorporate a tail.  It comes in a wedge with the tail flipped up the back of the body and head, blending into a carved water wedge and platform.  I've taken loads of detailed photos for my review on Pink Haired Princess, so I'll talk more about the fit here and less about the (beautiful) shoe.  I immediately thought they looked tiny and narrow straight out of the box and much less chunky overall than I expected from looking at stock photos.  I had no issues however getting into the shoe, but my toes do touch the tip, so they are coming up a little short in length.  I find the width fine.  I noticed pre-purchase that the strap looked very short and it is, there's not much (if any) extra length once you're through the buckle, but I do mange to put it in the 2nd loosest hole and it does it's job, so I can't complain.  We've seen quite a lot of lower heeled character heels lately, but these are back to being higher, though the small platform helps and I personally find them very comfortable.  I had Ariel tights to wear with them, but they've gone missing, so I found these mint ones instead which were a perfect colour match!  Look out for my proper review coming (hopefully today), what do you think of these?

Fit: 5" heel and 3/4" platform. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap. Quite short in length, width fine.
Comfort:  A steady wedge and platform, the length issue might mean cramped toes after a few hours of wear.   wearing aquata mermaid heelswearing irregular choice aquata frontwearing irregular choice mermaid shoeswearing irregular choice aquata wedge shoeswearing irregular choice aquata mermaid heels wearing irregular choice ss17 mermaid character heelswearing irregular choice aquata shoes flowers ss17


  1. The tights are perfect with these. Always in awe at your ability to walk in high heels!

  2. When Is saw the promo photos, I thought, "Wow, Gem is going to LOOOOOOOOVE these!!


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