Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Day 1105 - Shoesday Tuesday

irregular choice rainbunny shoes easter bunny character heels
Shoes: Irregular Choice pink Rainbunny 

Hello! I'm sorry I've not been very steady with blogging over the past 2 months. I seem to have bursts of trying to get on and do things and then I'm either too tired and sore to do anything else or completely unmotivated. Last Tuesday I totally did plan to publish a Shoesday post, but my gallstones had other ideas! It takes so much out of me after an attack, that I need days to recover. Anyway, this week, I had to show you the brand new shoes and scrap whatever I chose for last week. It does mean pyjamas, but you're accustomed to that by now I think (and they're cute so who cares?).
So these bunny heels just launched last week and I already have the original heel, a glitter version and gold metallic (there was also a flocked bunny that I didn't buy) and now we have a perspex one! There were several colours (heels and uppers) and two different upper styles, I chose Rainbunny. They are unashamedly OTT. The uppers on mine are pink and have that oil-slick finish with floral embroidery, mini pom poms, tiny organza bows, glitter trim and large (oil-slick) clouds, finished with a big glitter rainbow across the front, phew! They went all out and I appreciate that! I love the way the rainbow wraps around the toes, you'll see in the image below (where I'm facing straight on) that it creates a cool effect.  The heel is exactly the same mould as the other versions, just transparent this time. As it is one colour and un-patterned (the eyes and nose etc are carved but not painted), it is just perfect with such fussy uppers. It's not eclipsed by the shoe nor does it dominate, it perfectly compliments the uppers. I ordered my usual size (5/38), even although all those previous bunnies are a size up, but these are spot-on. If anything a little generous, but not enough to go down a size. I found they hit the bottom of my ankle bone, not nearly as much as Rosie Cheeks did and I can see it, but it's not hurting (well from trying on anyway). If you are also experiencing this and it's an issue for you, then you can buy gel heel pads which lift the foot up out of problem area. Personally I don't think I'll bother as it's not painful or even uncomfortable. I'm not sure when I'll have my big review up on Pink Haired Princess. I took the photos yesterday, but haven't had time to go through them yet, so it might not be today (but if not, definitely tomorrow). What do you think of these, did you manage to get a pair?

Wearing: ASOS unicorn pyjamas (similar here).
Fit: 4 3/4" heel and 3/4" concealed platform. True to size, if between sizes, opt for the smaller size. 
Comfort:  No issues with these so far.  wearing irregular choice rainbunnywearing irregular choice cloud rainbow pom pom shoeswearing irregular choice pink rainbunny rabbit heelswearing irregular choice pink rainbunny shoesirregular choice perspex bunny heel shoeswearing irregular choice pink rainbow shoes


  1. They are utterly gorgeous!!x

  2. I wore mine recently and they really are just gorgeous. I was seriously considering buying the blue.....!


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