Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Day 1103 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing gucci zebra lesley shoes
Shoes: Gucci zebra Lesley heels

Hello! A brand new pair of shoes for you, that just came into my possession a couple of weeks ago. That's not to say I've just noticed them, they've been firmly on my wishlist since the moment I saw them on the AW16 runway. I spent all last season telling myself it would never be (way outta my price range). Then I saw them on sale, they sold out of my size a couple of times, then by sheer luck, they got one pair back in, a size up. I wasn't sure whether or not to risk it or perhaps I'd even need the size up and that was a sign from the shoe gods!
Anyway after much deliberation (and I genuinely mean that, I can't just spend that amount without giving it a lot of thought), I went ahead with the bigger size. When they arrived, they were just as beautiful and striking as I imagined. There's another version, complete with black hair down the back, which really makes them all the more zebra-esque (however I couldn't afford those), they are ridiculously cool. They have an unusual shape with this high vamp and slender strap across the foot. They are quite witch-like when you wear them! I just love the movement in the zebra stripes, they are beautifully executed.  This size right enough, are very large on me. I definitely would've been a better fit for my usual size, but when you don't have that option (and are in love), what are you to do? I've wrestled with whether to return them, sell them on or try and make them work and right now, the latter is winning. I took these photos in the hope of making my mind up and it certainly made me love them even more.  They are generally big all over, not just length, but I tried an insole (quite a thin one) and it did make quite a difference. So I think if I buy a thicker one, I could make it work. As they have the strap, they aren't slipping off my heel, but the extra length is visible at the back, which you'll see in these photos (taken without any insoles in). The strap is a comfortable fit on me and fastens with a small pearl button (elasticated, but I wouldn't be keen to repeatedly stretch it). I didn't think the heel looked very high, until I put them on and was like "wow, ok, where did that elevation come from?"  It's 5" and there's no platform, so yeah you feel that! That said, it's a nice chunky, but not block heel, so steady to walk on.  I'm gutted I couldn't get the smaller size, but otherwise, I just love them.  What do you think?

Wearing: Primark floral tights (old).
Fit: 5" heel, elasticated button on strap.  True to size.
Comfort:  If you can manage the heel height without the aid of a platform, you'll be fine in these.  The leather is soft, so I don't foresee any issues with rubbing.        wearing gucci zebra lesley mary janewearing gucci zebra lesley wearing gucci zebra shoeswearing fw16 gucci zebra lesley shoeswearing gucci aw16 lesley heelswearing gucci zebra lesley heelswearing gucci lesley pumps


  1. They are certainly fun and the effect of them with those tights is brilliant!!

  2. I really like them, they're such a gorgeous pattern.


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