Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Day 1091 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper shoes
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Sparkling Slipper (Cinderella) 

I didn't want to say anything yesterday, until I knew it was achievable, but I'm aiming to bring you Shoesday posts every day this week! I'm still dealing with the Photobucket/image hosting issue, so am trying to do an hour of that a day (re-uploading all of those photos). It's slow going (there's no way an hour a day will get it finished by August, but it's all the time I have right now) and monotonous especially as I'm just covering old ground and constantly uploading and re-uploading the same photos. So I've had to pause The Shoe Girl Styles It posts for now as they are just too time consuming to manage every week, so I figured I'd treat you elsewhere! Plus, I have tonnes of shoes to get through and it'll literally be Christmas before I finish Cinderella and show you the new squirrel and Santa heels. So I had a mass try-on yesterday, photographing them all, which was the hard (physical) part, so hopefully I'll manage to post them all this week for you. There's a lot to talk about regarding sizing on those new ones, so I wanted to do it while they were current.
Onto today and this is the final pair of Cinderella I tried. You'll recall in my Gracious Dreamer post, how I initially bought Sparkling Slipper in my usual 5/38 and they were massive, but out of stock to get a replacement, so I ordered GD in a size down to compare. While I love GD to look at, the colour wasn't exciting me much on my foot. I don't know why as the combo of gold and copper was truly lovely, but I kept lusting after the silver and blue of SS. Thankfully I managed to find a pair in my size later and returned GD. The ones in these photos are the 5's I didn't keep, so hopefully you can see a little of the sizing issues I had. It's not as obvious as I'd have liked it to look, but in the photos taken from above especially, you can see the gap all around the shoe and my foot just kinda sitting there, ready to fall out! The shoe is quite shallow, so there's not a whole lot keeping your foot in, which is problematic if you're finding them on the large side like me. I could pretty much slip my entire finger down the heel, so I knew the more I wore them, the bigger and looser they'd become. Hopefully this will also be the case with the smaller size as they are a little rigid to start with. Other than the sizing, the bows are a bit hit or miss on these styles. On the gold pair I found the wires from the lights really visible. On the silver 5's one bow faced upwards, whilst one faced straight out. I wriggled them as much as I could to adjust to a more even positioning, but I was very lucky that the size 4 bows are even and a lot neater. I find the lights a little less sporadic on those too, which is good. I've reviewed this style on Pink Haired Princess if you'd like to see them in more detail and I should have another review on there this week, but it all depends on how well I get on with this archive work and Shoesday posts. I've also linked to all my previous Cinderella Shoesday posts below.  What do you think of these flashing light Cinderella heels?

Wearing Gracious Dreamer
Wearing Call Me Cinders
Wearing Faith In Dreams
Wearing So This Is Love

Wearing: Unicorn pyjama bottoms.
Fit: 3 3/4" heel. Very generous all over, I (unusually) bought a full size down from my usual.
Comfort: They are a little stiff to begin with and I find the smaller size cuts across my little toe but my regular size slipped off my heel when walking and gaped. wearing irregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper glitter courtswearing irregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper frontwearing irregular choice sparkling slipper disney cinderella shoes wearing irregular choice sparkling slipper bow detail wearing irregular choice sparkling slipperwearing sparkling slipper back bowsirregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper


  1. Are you gonna get the Irregular Choice: Worship shoes ??? I love the multi rainbow looking ones because they remind me of Snow White ~ I loooove how these look though, thank you for sharing this, because I might either get these or Call Me Cinders for Christmas ~ xoxo

    1. They are so cool, but because I got the bunny ones with that same heel, that's all I'll be buying. I've seen a photo of those ones in real life and they are much more stunning than the stock photos.


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