Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Day 1087 - ShoesdayTuesday

wearing faith in dreams irregular choice
Shoes: Irregular Choice Cinderella Faith In Dreams 

Hello, how are you today? Last week wasn't a particularly good week, so no Shoesday Tuesday or TSGSI posts, but today I have my new Cinderella shoes. They launched on Friday and I placed a couple of orders (3 styles) with different places (as one pair had gone by the time I got to the front of the virtual queue). So I had two pairs arrive on Saturday (gotta love the £1 next day delivery with Schuh) and then I placed another order as I was a bit unsure of sizing on the pairs I received. One of those (in the size I needed) wasn't available for next day delivery, so they came today, but the other arrived on Sunday. My IC order was dispatched yesterday so should be here tomorrow.
The pair I'm wearing today, I re-ordered in the size up as they are very tight across the top of the shoe (where it meets my foot). I literally have to un-tuck the heart every time, as it gets pulled under as I put the shoe on (and there's not enough room to attempt to keep it out). They aren't too bad in length in my usual size, well a bit snug at the heel, but there's reasonable toe room (they are the wider shaped court from IC). Width in the foot elsewhere isn't an issue. The size up, well to be honest there's very little difference. They are still tight across my foot at that same bit and I still have to rejig the heart. I don't notice any more gaping on these, but I do feel more comfortable in the heel region where it was tight. As there's such a snug fit at the front, there's no risk of them slipping off my heel when walking. I did also note less toe scrunching in the bigger size (where your toes curl under when putting them on). Today, I tried on one 5 and one 6 at the same time and honestly it was really hard to tell which was which. My Mum actually thought the 5 were gaping a little more than the 6. I reckon I might end up keeping the 6 as they are slightly comfier and the heart isn't digging into my foot quite so much. I had the same issue with the Dreamkiss unicorns, where the top was just so tight that it required me to go up a size. There's no point suffering when I don't need to.

That said, my other Cinderella pair went the opposite way, I ordered a size down, a 4! I've never, ever had to do this before and I can actually get my feet in them. You'll see those next week. I'll have my proper review up sometime this week on Pink Haired Princess for these, but as you can see the uppers are a pale blue with the Disney castle print all over. There's lovely peachy, quilted wings and atop lilac ribbon, the large heart on each toe. One foot has the castle, the other Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. They are trimmed with scalloped holographic material and even have red embroidered hearts on them. On the heel is a gold ring detail and there's a quote that works it's way across both shoes with the adorable little birds from the movie. They are aptly named Faith In Dreams, because they are rather dreamy. What do you think, do you like these, did you get any Cinderella?

Wearing: Unicorn pyjamas (sorry, I didn't have the energy to get dressed for these photos)!
Fit: 3 3/4" heel. As detailed above, they run just a little small (though it was more the tightness that bothered me), but there's very little difference between sizes, it's down to your preference.
Comfort: The heart or rather the scalloped edge around it is going to dig into my foot and leave marks. It's not painful, just a tad annoying. I find this heel easy and manageable to walk on. wearing irregular choice faith in dreams cinderellawearing faith in dreams irregular choice disney cinderellawearing irregular choice faith in dreams court shoe wearing faith in dreams irregular choice cinderella irregular choice disney cinderella faith in dreams shoefaith in dreams irregular choice disney cinderella


  1. They're quite cute although not my favourites from the collection. I ALMOST ordered the flat blue glittery ones with the light up bow but then they weren't in my size so that put paid to that!

    1. I was so happy to see the bows light up on the flats too. The blue pair were gorgeous.


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