Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Lucifer & Gus 1

irregular choice lucifer & gus pumps
Hello lovelies, I'm very excited about TSGSI this week and have a terrific trio of sets for you. I decided to style something from the new Irregular Choice Disney Cinderella range. I don't often pick something so 'hot' for fear of them selling out midway through, but hopefully they won't! They are still in stock as we speak.
So the pair I've chosen are Lucifer & Gus £115, which you'll probably remember from the preview on my other blog (here) a few weeks ago. They are pumps with Gus the mouse across one toe and Lucifer the cat on the other. For my high-street outfit I've chosen this bold skirt, which has popped into the sale. I really love the sketchy diagonal stripes and it's a great midi length. For the top, I picked this pink lace one with black ruffle. I'd wear it tucked into the skirt. I finished with this little velvet bag as the metal dots mirrored the gold spots on the uppers of the shoes. Tomorrow I'll have my plus size outfit for you, then my high end look over the weekend. What do you think of this one?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Lucifer & Gus 1

Worn with: Pink blouse, stripe midi skirt and velvet bag.


  1. Hello, dear! I always like your choice of shoes and clothes for a great outfit! And these shoes are amazing, I saw them last week and felt like oooooh, I want them - as usual when it's about shoes :) You know the feeling, I am sure! I like playful fashion! By the way, I hope you are fine and I have to say a biiiiiiiig thank you for your kind and sensitive words for me... you know what I mean, the post about my parents (won't write much about it now, it still makes me cry, of course). Words like yours warm my heart, when I so need that. The contrary of the so-called friends who really were terrible. I remember I was always invited to any party, because people wanted smiles and I like to dance; that happened and then 6 months later, still sad, so called great friends didn't invite me anymore, cause I would destroy the parties with my mood. Wow. I wouldn't go, maybe, but destroy a party I wouldn't for sure. But that was good to show me what to value. In your case, I feel the same, when people can't accept this or that because you weren't feeling good. I am so sorry for that, really sorry, but again, it's good to see who is your true friend. And please, you don't need to apologize, I know that life is busy and commenting takes time, so please, it's OK when you have time, I get very happy when I read your comments! Hope you have a very sweet day!

    1. You're welcome Denise, I've always been touched by the fact you take the time to comment on my blog. Hope you're well x


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