Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Rocking Horse Ballerina 3

vivienne westwood melissa rocking horse shoes
Hello, tonight I have my third and final set for these shoes this week. This is my high end offering, you can find plus size here and high street here.
The shoes are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa Rocking Horse Ballerina in grey £170. I've had all dresses and skirts this week, but different shapes and lengths, so today I'm going for a maxi. I think to myself that people who work at Anna Sui must be permanently happy. The clothes are bright, cheerful, fun, carefree even. That 70's aesthetic has never really been my thing, yet I find myself drawn to her designs, maybe because of how I described them. This dress is busy, there's a bold print, ruffle details, high neck, even frills on the sleeves, so I think it lends itself well to the stark shoes. I didn't feel the need to accessorise at all with this to be honest, but found this ring which I liked (yep, it's all one ring). It wasn't until I added it to my set that I realised what an absolute perfect pairing it is for this dress. They are made for each other. I think the accessories with this dress would determine whether you wanted to look formal or informal. The dress has that ability to switch easily between the two. I could totally imagine a boho look with sandals and a big fringed bag and floppy hat, but on the flip-side a small, structured clutch and dazzling jewellery. I suppose I'm aiming somewhere in-between today. What do you think, which has been your favourite this week?The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Rocking Horse Ballerina 3

Worn with: Patchwork maxi dress and stacked ring.


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