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Day 1084 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea blue shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice blue My Cup Of Tea 

It's been a bit of a hectic week, so Shoesday is a little later than usual. I really wanted to continue with my final pair of Alice (from the 2nd collection) though. You're probably aware that I initially bought these in the size up and the pink in my regular size. After trying both, I decided I wanted to keep the green, but in the smaller size, typical! I didn't really have the funds at the time, so I've been waiting to re-purchase them and in that time I did toy with the idea of not bothering at all. I've spoken about how much I loved the colours on these but wished they had the glitter elements from the pink pair, so that coupled with the fact I already owned two other styles with this heel, I thought perhaps I could live without them.  I'm so glad I changed my mind and did go for them again, they are so very special and whenever I opened the box, I knew I'd made the right decision and would have been upset if I'd left them.  Taking these photos and looking through them, just cemented this fact.  They are so pretty and even the bow situation is bothering me less and less.
Like in my tea party review scene, I've adjusted my photos to represent (at least on my monitor) a more life-like shade. These shoes just love to photograph paler and more blue toned (and they are called "blue"), but don't be fooled, they are green and bright. The turquoise accents are gorgeous and like I say, I was perhaps a little harsh on the bows in that post. I think it is purely when you compare them to the pink, because those bows are super spectacular. I did have to adjust the bows on one shoe, you can probably see in some photos that one lot were facing upwards and the other out towards the back. It wasn't until I looked at the photos that I realised, so I just kinda wiggled them into a better position. So this pair are my regular size and you may have to adjust your foot a little once the shoe is on, but as you can see there's a little gap when looking from above, down onto the shoe (across the top). This is amplified in the size up, which is why I preferred the smaller size. The strap is a bit of a menace to get into (it took me ages for these photos and I feared for my beautiful long, natural nails!!), but I did eventually get them buckled. With time and wear, it's going to get easier though. You might notice some black marks where the buckle was originally fastened, I noticed this on the pair I returned too. It only seems to be on the green pairs. As for wearability, they probably aren't every day shoes, but they can be worn and aren't merely shelf decoration. The heel is heavy, but the strap and t-bar firmly keep the shoe in place and there's no protruding bits on the heel affecting the way you walk. The bow does stick out between your legs though and I'm sure it felt worse on the pink (that I kept catching the bows on each other). Thankfully it's not damaging if you do. So that's it, my fifth and final shoe from this collection (can't believe we've had 5 weeks already) and soon we'll be moving onto Cinderella, haha! If you haven't already, then check out the first teaser here. I did manage to wear one of my Alice pairs out this week, so I'll have that and other outfit posts coming up for Shoesday. What do you think? I did the right thing re-ordering these, didn't I? They are gorgeous. Oh and excuse the jammies, the shoes arrived on Tuesday and I took the photos then when I had the chance and it's been such a tiring week, I couldn't make it upstairs to change (though I'm sort of loving the Ariel/Alice combo).  You can find links to all five Alice styles from this collection in my previous post here.

Wearing: Topshop Ariel pyjamas.
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform. Adjustable buckle fastening on strap. I've tried both my regular size (shown here) and the size up. I could get away with either, but there was quite a substantial gap on top of my foot in the size up and they slipped off my heel a little. My regular size are a little snug at first, but will stretch with wear. I'd recommend going for your usual size.
Comfort: The shoe is very heavy, but I don't find it particularly noticeable when wearing. irregular choice alice my cup of tea blue shoe wearing irregular choice my cup of tea blue shoeswearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea bluewearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea shoeswearing irregular choice my cup of tea shoeswearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea wearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea top wearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea blue bow detail wearing irregular choice alice my cup of tea teapot teacup heel detail


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