Friday, 14 October 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Dreamkiss 1

irregular choice dreamkiss unicorn shoes
Oh what a day! I've been tearing my hair out since the image hosting website I use, went down last night. If you've been on the blog since, you'll have been rather confused by the fact there was broken image links instead of photos. It's been a total nightmare and there was nothing I could do (other than send off a few stern emails). I'm truly P'd off by the "sorry for the inconvenience" replies. Err, my whole blog was down, that's a little bit more than an inconvenience. Anyway, it's back up (for now) and I'm running around like a dafty trying to finish all the blog posts I had set-up for today and yesterday and praying that overnight it remains there, so I can get more done tomorrow. I'm starting my trio of outfits with my high-street set.
The shoes are of course Irregular Choice, Dreamkiss £109 and yes, I own these beauties. Of course I do!  They are crazy cute and I've actually already worn mine out. I don't think I've picked an outfit similar to what I wore, but I'll have that outfit post coming soon for Shoesday Tuesday. I've been desperate to put this blouse into a set. Look at those cute kitties! It's very Paul & Joe (but isn't). Is there a rule about mixing animals? Can you put unicorns with cats? I say the more the merrier, but that's maybe just me. I would wear the blouse with these pink peg trousers and I finished with this cute bag, which has all kinds of applique and embellishments on it. Sometimes I find it easy to get caught up in perfect matches when it comes to my Polyvore sets, so I kinda like that this is more of a mix and probably more like how I really wear things (not necessarily these specific things, before you laugh at the prospect of me in trousers)! Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have my plus size look and the high end one on Sunday, so check back for those (and maybe keep your fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong).The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Dreamkiss 1

Worn with: Cat shirtpink trousers and applique bag.

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