Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dy 1085 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing moschino cheap & chic tiger shoes
Shoes:  Yellow tiger court shoes Moschino Cheap & Chic

Now that I've shown you all my Alice shoes, it's time for an oldish OOTD post! I've just checked back my photo albums and these images were taken around 4 months ago. They might seem a little familiar, because I shared some photos on my Instagram and Facebook at the time. As you know, I don't get out much these days, but I believe I was going for blood tests at the hospital this day (exciting stuff). I'm noting my tactic of wearing something to distract me from the needle! I ended up bruised after this one actually, probably because the tourniquet was on for half a day. Honestly, it took forever as she tried (in vain!) to find a vein (not happening) and in the end just went in blind. I was probably asleep from boredom by this point. The more often they struggle with my veins, the more anxious I'm becoming about blood tests. I like to know they are going straight in, confidently and not dithering about, wiggling the needle or taking it out and trying again, just do it already!
Anyway, onto my outfit and this dress is probably my most worn, ever. I just chuck it on all the time and I love that I can really change it up with different accessories. I'm actually gutted because I noticed I snagged it at the neckline the other day and it's also becoming much too big for me. I don't know if it's just these photos but I can see such a difference between how I look then and now. Although I've been losing weight this year, I haven't lost a major amount in the last few months and had already lost the bulk of it when these photos were taken, so perhaps it's just the angles (but I even noticed my legs look a lot chunkier here). Anyway, I don't normally gravitate towards yellow, but I just adored the quirkiness of the Pre-Historic collection by Moschino Cheap & Chic (now "Boutique Moschino") a few seasons ago. Think bold, comical Flintstones and you're along the right lines. I bought two pairs of shoes from that range.  These feature a tiger "skin" draped across a basic patent court with almond shaped toe. There's gems for eyes, teeth and out the back, a tail and dangling legs. If you don't already know (i.e. haven't followed my blog or social media at all) I'm fond of silly footwear. Downside: I did sing "that's neat, that's neat, that's neat, that's neat, I really love my tiger feet" all day long. I finished with equally silly sunglasses. Limited edition Dior (only 1000 made), that I spent years tracking down. I suspect I probably look ridiculous in them, but I love them anyway. No jewellery or anything else because it's too much bother these days.  What do you think, are my tiger feet, neat?

Wearing:  ASOS floral wiggle dress (old) and Miss Dior Cherie limited edition sunglasses (old).
Fit:  4 1/4" heel.  These are a 38 and true to size on me.  
Comfort:  A little flat in the toe, which can pinch after a while, but easy to walk in. wearing asos floral wiggle dress and moschino tiger shoes wearing moschino cheap & chic yellow tiger court shoeswearing moschino cheap & chic prehistoric tiger shoeswearing moschino cheap & chic tiger heelsmoschino cheap & chic tiger shoesmoschino cheap & chic tiger shoe tail detail moschino cheap & chic tiger shoes and miss dior cherie sunglasses moschino cheap & chic tiger shoes asos floral wiggle dress and miss dior cherie sunglasses


  1. They are ridiculously fun! I do like them!!x

    1. I kinda wish I had the matching bag and cardigan and everything else to look like a proper Flintstone!


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